1. MKJones

    Suspicious Spike?

    I don't want to name a particular broker as I'm fairly new to this game and could be well be mistaken, but even so the spike I experienced on Friday evening a few minutes before the markets closed seems highly suspect to me. My stop loss was miles from the price but the spike still managed to...
  2. comingbacksoon

    sunday Night opning market Prices,Legel to decide and stopout even wrong chart?

    i got strange story but a true one and i i am sure lot of pro traders willl see this thread and can answer it, if i got a lots of posions during Friday night and market closed with a margin level over 120% and i got equity, but low equity as well, and when market open Sunday night with strange...
  3. J

    Stop Losses- how do you use them - and why do prices Spike ?

    Hi Guys, OK I am hoping that the title will get some discussion going. I have a live account, and also a Demo account. I have compared the two in terms of information stream and the differences are small, due to being with different brokers. The Demo account is definitely not 'fixed' to...