1. MKJones

    Suspicious Spike?

    I don't want to name a particular broker as I'm fairly new to this game and could be well be mistaken, but even so the spike I experienced on Friday evening a few minutes before the markets closed seems highly suspect to me. My stop loss was miles from the price but the spike still managed to...
  2. S


    Has anyone ever heard of/tried Secret News Weapon Elite? If ya, please leave your opinion. i.e Is it scam or nat? I personally don't really think it's possible to compete with 'big' financial institutions and banks when it comes to 'spike' news trading by using a third party news provider...
  3. comingbacksoon

    sunday Night opning market Prices,Legel to decide and stopout even wrong chart?

    i got strange story but a true one and i i am sure lot of pro traders willl see this thread and can answer it, if i got a lots of posions during Friday night and market closed with a margin level over 120% and i got equity, but low equity as well, and when market open Sunday night with strange...
  4. J

    Stop Losses- how do you use them - and why do prices Spike ?

    Hi Guys, OK I am hoping that the title will get some discussion going. I have a live account, and also a Demo account. I have compared the two in terms of information stream and the differences are small, due to being with different brokers. The Demo account is definitely not 'fixed' to...