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    Upon investing in this Binary Options dealer was told their was fraud and deception by several of their brokers , account to be closed and that I could seek a return of my investment (2015). since then I have been unable to receive that return. It seems that I must pay a Merchants Fees to obtain...
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    Spotfn ripoff

    In April of 2014 I made some deposits totaling $2500.00. They had matched it and I now have a little over $6000.00 sitting in my account, but I have not been able to reach them for months now. They do not respond to emails. There live chat has been down for a while also. I can't reach them by...
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    Spotfn ignores you when you try to withdraw your money.

    I have repeatedly over the last six months tried to get my money out of my account at Spotfn. Spotfn won't answer my emails. I've spent hours on the phone trying to reach them. It always says I am next in line but after an hour they hangup on me. I called 888-977-6836 and can never reach them...
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    Spotfn es una Estafa

    Spotfn es una Estafa Hola: Mi nombres es Javier y soy de España. Invertí 1000€ con Spotfn. Ellos tienen la norma que hay que mover esa inversión inicial 30 veces, es decir que hay que hacer inversiones por un valor de 30.000 €. Una vez que cumples este requisito, puedes solicitar la retirada...
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    SPOTFN unresponsive

    Who else has joined SPOTFN and unable to recover / withdraw their own money? The company details are as follows: SPOTFN Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street 6/F London, EC2N 1HN United Kingdom +1 888 977 6836 +44 203 318 5988 I joined SPOTFN on the...
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    SpotFN wants tax payment before processing withdrawal

    I am searching this site for advise on how to get my money back from spotfn....They have contacted me and said I could have all my money back if I pay 10% up front to a bank in Romania for taxes and fees...what does that sound like to anyone here??:confused:
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    Spotfn scamming crooks

    I have tried to withdraw my money from SPOTFN for over a month. After at first cancelling my withdrawal requests now I can no longer even sign on . It tells me that I have the wrong name or password but if I apply for a new password it tells me that my email address does not exist. The FBI...
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    SPOTFN- waiting for 2 months for my withdrawal requests

    I have asked for a withdrawal from spotfn several times and no response as well phone calls where I have been hung up on. I have 2 deposits since april 24, 2014 for $1000. My manager was suppose to trade for me with 4 different systems and started trading losing money at first and then making...
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    GUILTY Case# 2014-181 | binaryoptions2000 vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I submitted several withdrawal requests with nearly 3 weeks ago. All of my requests were approved. No money has shown up on my credit card since submitted these requests almost 3...
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    SPOTFN - Waiting for nearly 3 weeks for my withdrawal requests

    I have been waiting almost 3 weeks for my withdrawal money from SpotFN. All of my withdrawals were approved, but I have not received any credits from Spotfn on my credit card. They requested that I send them an updated bank statement in pdf format, which I just did today. And on the...
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    is a really cleverly set up scam company. I ran into them when on a vacation in the US. They advertised a thing called the NightHawk system. which would scalp the Aasian markets at night making you money. A person that called himself Max Stocki talked me into putting up 2000 dollars and they...
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    I had opened my spotfn account in mid December and by the middle of January I felt that this broker's was unreliable. I decided to withdraw my funds on 1/23/2014 and received multiple delays and then on 2/9/2014 they cancelled my withdrawal request. I submitted a 2nd withdrawal request on...
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    My name is Harold Rincon i want to just describe my current experience with spotfn at this moment.. first this company makes u believe they are in new york.. i ended up finding out that they are actually in united kingdom.. and i am not even sure about that either. my problem at this...