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    Upon investing in this Binary Options dealer was told their was fraud and deception by several of their brokers , account to be closed and that I could seek a return of my investment (2015). since then I have been unable to receive that return. It seems that I must pay a Merchants Fees to obtain...
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    Spotfn ripoff

    In April of 2014 I made some deposits totaling $2500.00. They had matched it and I now have a little over $6000.00 sitting in my account, but I have not been able to reach them for months now. They do not respond to emails. There live chat has been down for a while also. I can't reach them by...
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    Spotfn es una Estafa

    Spotfn es una Estafa Hola: Mi nombres es Javier y soy de España. Invertí 1000€ con Spotfn. Ellos tienen la norma que hay que mover esa inversión inicial 30 veces, es decir que hay que hacer inversiones por un valor de 30.000 €. Una vez que cumples este requisito, puedes solicitar la retirada...
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    SPOTFN unresponsive

    Who else has joined SPOTFN and unable to recover / withdraw their own money? The company details are as follows: SPOTFN Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street 6/F London, EC2N 1HN United Kingdom +1 888 977 6836 +44 203 318 5988 I joined SPOTFN on the...
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    SpotFN wants tax payment before processing withdrawal

    I am searching this site for advise on how to get my money back from spotfn....They have contacted me and said I could have all my money back if I pay 10% up front to a bank in Romania for taxes and fees...what does that sound like to anyone here??:confused:
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    SPOTFN- waiting for 2 months for my withdrawal requests

    I have asked for a withdrawal from spotfn several times and no response as well phone calls where I have been hung up on. I have 2 deposits since april 24, 2014 for $1000. My manager was suppose to trade for me with 4 different systems and started trading losing money at first and then making...
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    GUILTY Case# 2014-181 | binaryoptions2000 vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I submitted several withdrawal requests with nearly 3 weeks ago. All of my requests were approved. No money has shown up on my credit card since submitted these requests almost 3...
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    SPOTFN - Waiting for nearly 3 weeks for my withdrawal requests

    I have been waiting almost 3 weeks for my withdrawal money from SpotFN. All of my withdrawals were approved, but I have not received any credits from Spotfn on my credit card. They requested that I send them an updated bank statement in pdf format, which I just did today. And on the...
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    I had opened my spotfn account in mid December and by the middle of January I felt that this broker's was unreliable. I decided to withdraw my funds on 1/23/2014 and received multiple delays and then on 2/9/2014 they cancelled my withdrawal request. I submitted a 2nd withdrawal request on...
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    My name is Harold Rincon i want to just describe my current experience with spotfn at this moment.. first this company makes u believe they are in new york.. i ended up finding out that they are actually in united kingdom.. and i am not even sure about that either. my problem at this...