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    Problem I may have been scammed by

    On the 24th of August 2016 I paid the the sum of $200.00 through Mr. Chris Rogers, my supposedly accounts manager who promised me another $250.00 bonus to trade for me in-order to grow my account sporadically. He promised me that he would use their software to be trading my...
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    SCAM Pls Help SRB Group

    Truly grateful if anyone can help and offer a solution.In mid October out of curiosity I enter email and phone onto a Facebook platform and one from SRB (know as Swiss Royal Banc previously) and ask for my credit card to open a/c and subsequently Leo was assigned to help me in trading but he ask...
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    SCAM Pls Help SRB Group

    If anybody can suggest with help I would be most grateful. There are 22 trades on FX with SRB worth USD161,323 expired on 31March 2017 was promised fully covered by insurance but since then I am unable to reach them through Skype or email. This was done by their Anlayst name Patrick Blum. His is...
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    Swiss Royal Banc is a Scam.

    Hi, Same just happened with me with Swiss Royal Banc (probably same group as Banc de Binary). I initially agreed to invest $1000, but while he was still going through his speil, I had a change of heart, and asked they return my money, and close my account. He insisted I give managed account a...