1. M

    Fxgbank Startforex Youtradefx Scammers

    No longer do. fxgbank Startforex or Youtradefx or as they are called now have cheated me 6000 euros to have deposited more than three months ago and never did one position. I find even an operation through the Internet that is the same startforex fxgbank and now the have a new name for continue...
  2. N

    Problem Startforex

    I want to settle a complaint about STARTFOREX.COM. In january 2009 I send 20.000,-€ ($25.800) to Start Forex Ltd over Mizrahi Tefahot Bank in London to fund my trading account nr 20295 at this broker. In April 2009 they (Startforex) made a withrawal of the entire account summe of $...
  3. Master Yoda

    Problem YouTradeFX is StartForex

    Background: Start Forex was closed and ranked as a scam, the FPA has blacklisted this broker as well, at the same time the FPA is currently working with to examine what the connections are and are not between YouTradeFx and StartForex. Many people claimed these are the same...
  4. AsstModerator

    Intensive Review YouTradeFx | A new company or a recycled one?

    I spent some time thinking about where to put this thread. If I put it anywhere under the Traders Court, that would seem like an assumption of guilt. It's not a "is this company better than that company", so it doesn't belong under company comparisons and competitions. Since it is going to...
  5. Scam Investigations Committee

    Problem Two Traders, Two Companies, One Big Scam

    FPA member Yokebeto is part of a trading group from Japan that has been testing out an EA. FPA member Mr. Madruga is from Brazil and was doing his own trading not linked to Yokebeto's group. We've seen him on another forex forum before he joined the FPA. What the two of them have in common...
  6. yokebeto


    vlocity4x do not respond our Withdrawal Request ..:unhappy: We send many Withdrawal Request & many e-mail But they didn't resoponce. They said that our win was invalid. But our tarade was very nomal. Some no trade people can't receive their money too We send many mail , but...