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    Alert. The SCAM outfit know as stonehedgefx is now known as It didn't take a lot of research to find this. After scamming God knows how many people they just changed their website and name to make it look like a different company. They called me the other day to...
  2. diegazzo is a Fraud

    Instead of just a comment, I'll post this like a thread. This broker is a complete fraud, I wonder why en FPA there is little to none information about this scammer, yes is a scam. Mr. Fabian Soriano, an account manager from StoneHedge FX contacted me since my father had an...
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    Stone Hedge FX References

    Hello, Has anyone heard about Stone Hedge FX? It is a broker that uses MetaTrader 4 Do you know if it is any good or not? Thanks Best regards