1. Amina El Mehdi

    Best trading strategies

    Let`s make a list of the best trading strategies which you`ve been using in person.
  2. N

    Forex Speedometer

    I found this is good for me. I use this speedometer to confirm my entry point with my strategy. If you want you can download from here.
  3. N

    YMS-PRO Template

    Free Download YMS-PRO Template
  4. L

    Hello - Strategies and Tips

    Hello Everyone New Member at FPA (been around for more than 3 months, recently decided to join the group). Hope to enjoy my stay here (I think I will from what I've seen so far). I've started the training course here, and I would like to know where to address myself to check for trustable...
  5. Jason Rogers

    FXCM/DailyFX Signals and Analysis

    Welcome to the FXCM/DailyFX analyst thread! In this thread, I will regularly post analysis and trading signals from the DailyFX Analysts, DailyFX PLUS Trading Signals, and any other news and analysis I may find interesting which applies to forex trading. I may even contribute my own humble...
  6. F

    Trading Strategy Tips for Forex Beginners - by FXNET

    Money and Risk Management. Before you start trading, you have to understand that money and risk management is the most important step to take as a trader. The number one reason for traders losing all their money, is the lack of a proper money and risk management strategy. As a general...