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    SUNBIRD FX is a scam

    My name is Fernando Villanes Herrera i´m from Lima Peru I have an acount with sunbirdfx. I opened with 1000 US dollars. My number account is 289362 original number was 91971 My comunication was basic in spanish with LUISANA GARCIA. After read some forums, I applied to withdraw $ 1000...
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    SunbirdFx Account Disabled

    Hello, I am a small account trader, putt putt ing away at a wee small account. I have had this account open for four years and have turned 500 $ into almost 1500 $. Huge success on my end although small potatoes for most folks. In the past two weeks my account was suddenly disabled. I...
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    I have been a client of Sunbirdfx for less than 4 months. I have two problems with them which they have failed to resolve in more than two months. My issues are; - I have not been able to log on to my account whether online or on Metatrader. Whenever I try to logon i get the error message...
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    Buongiorno Ho aperto un Conto con SunbirdFx a dicembre 2015, Ho versato in tutto 10,500 € e ho Avuto un bonus di € 21,000, ad aprile 2016 il mio bonus è stato ridotto a 3.500. oggi dopo Aver Lavorato tanto e bene il mio Conto ha un saldo di euro 242.000 Ho Chiesto tante volte di fare un...