1. S

    Problem I just want my account to be deleted

    Super Forex, if you are seeing this, please delete my trading profile and trading accounts of 943428, 944027 and 3087325, I have asked you to delete my profile twice, but you ignored me and left me no choice except to put my request here. Please delete my account. This is one email I have sent...
  2. negro

    Problem Super forex is scam

    I do internal transfer but i do not see my money for 5 days. Please fo not try them
  3. tuyen nguyen thanh

    Super Forex scam

  4. Auditive SCAM tampering with orders

    I have opened an account with the 1st march - 3052273 So, yesterday I received a daily statement with all closed orders for the day and the floating ones (all opened the same day, 28th march) normal stuff right? Here's the statement: Daily Report Account: 3052273 Name...
  5. Erick K - Abandoned Complaint

    My name is Erick K Superforex Real Account: 737873 On 31st August 2021, I deposited 500$ through Skrill In that first week of trading (31 August - 3rd September), I made a 118.4$ profit, as below: I then made a 59$ withdrawal on 4th September as below: The next week (6th September to 10th...
  6. D

    I am unhappy with

    Dear Superforex managment team I am really not happy with your customer service. On 15th June 2021 I made a withdrawal request and 17th June 2021 my withdrawal request was approved without any reason. I have been communicating to your customer service through live chat from 16th June 2021 but I...
  7. Alaku

    SUPERFOREX SCAM!!! Depositing Scam, Trading Scam, Withdrawals Scam

    I would like to share my experience and report SuperForex as a Scam. They are heartless!!! They scam you when depositing money, when trading, and when making withdrawals. Here are my complaints spread across the three mentioned areas: 1. This relates to fraud of $53,000 that was carried out by...
  8. P

    SuperForex review behind the scene

    Hello everyone! My name is Pavel,i was employee of SuperForex company in partnership department more than 1 year. What can i say about this company and CEO(Mr. Vladimir Syrov) who always try to manipulate and cheat partners on commission due to adding clients of partners to "zero agent"( Zero...
  9. P scammed me by quietly altering Contract size on opened orders

    This is exactly the same situation as described in this case Exactly the same scenario! What happened to me is: I've opened number of positions on UsdTry, UsdHkd, UsdZar over the months...
  10. K

    Superforex Scam

    My name is Ken, from Singapore. I won USD 250 during ShowFX Asia 17 September 2016. I grew my account till USD 5511.27 and on 26 February 2019, Superforex decided to disable my account 72990 without informing me. I did an inquiry through the online support but it was not helpful. The staff did...
  11. M scams clients by changing Contract size on oppened orders

    Hello everyone, I have the same problem as BartForexer from this topic They closed all my trades becuase they changed Contract size from 500 to 10000. They...
  12. B

    GUILTY Case# 2018-167 | BartForexer vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: In a nutshell - Superforex multiple times modified Contract Size on opened positions , so positions value was changed dramatically and that lead to significant loses. At first, when my...
  13. B scams clients by quietly altering Contract size on oppened orders

    Here is what happens to me: I've opened number of positions on UsdTry and UsdZar over last month. I keep all those positions opened till now, I didn't close any orders. While I've been opening orders over time I've noticed that Contract Size on those pairs was changing quite dramatically so I...
  14. M


    THEY STOLE MY MONEY!! I started to trade 4 months ago and now that I earnt 30% they told me I traded against new policy, why now they tell me and not when I started? Ok so I asked to withdraw my deposit and they converted my money into bitcoin so I can't withdraw with BankWire Transfer anymore...
  15. O

    SUPERFOREX Scam & Cancel My Profit

    12 December 2017 I'm Make Deposit 741$ and NOT Request Bonus Deposit. I'm Trading Normally closed psotion always up to 3 minutes And Make Profit My Balance 1922.35 $ at 15 December 2017. I'm Make request withdrawal at 15 december 2017 and super forex cancel all my profit & Reject my withdrawal
  16. J

    Super Forex fraud and cheater

    Super forex is a big time cheater.Eaten up my 114$ saying i violate rules.but when i asked what rules i me the proof.they couldn't show any.despite they kept me waiting for days.They dont have any proof and eaten my 114$. Be weary of there scams.they are big time frauds
  17. M

    SuperForex fraudulent withdrawal of funds

    Superforex i thought it to be a good broker, but alas! I was wrong. They withdrew all my money plus the hot 120 bonus i got from them upon registration, claiming that i have many negative closed positions on my statement. I registered with $500 and i was credited with $600 hot bonus added to my...
  18. A

    Superforex is a Scam broker, cancelled all my profit When request for Withdraw of sum fund

    I wish to open case against Super Forex Broker, i have been with this broker for more than 3 months now and i have contacted them on several occasion regard there trading method, the Support team told me they allow opening and closing of trades position 3 minutes and above is allowed. All my...
  19. K

    Just joined and have a problem with SuperForex

    Hi every one...I just join this community. Recently i subscribed with SuperForex ( Its been four days now. But the verification process still pending. Today I couldn't even open their website. It was stated that the page is nor available. After trying for so many times...
  20. E is BIG SCAM BROKER!!!!!!!!!!!!! is a BIG SCAM broker. On 3rd December 2015 I deposit USD100 to my acc 2964 and apply for 40% welcome bonus. My EA make big profit on the same day because of enormous volatility during news release. On 4th December 2015 they cancel my profit for no any reasons given. It is clear I...