1. S

    I am Ibrahim Anderson from Ghana. I want file a complain against an introducing agent of Meridian banc called I opened my trading account with with login detail sions2 at on 11- 09-2018 I made a deposit of USD 500.00 and they gave me account manager, This...
  2. najafstar

    I invested 3000$ with three months contract with 5% return. For two months went fantastic third month they told me i won lottery 100% with condition not to withdraw another 3 months and 300 lots i refuse to take and submit withdrawal before 4 days of contract expiry and told them to stop...
  3. kruser SPAM

    Does anyone have any experience with this firm? They are in Zurich, but registered with VFSC. They sound professional, but being registered in Vanuatu seems strange. Advice? Suggestions?