sycamore options

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    Sycamore Options Ltd Is A Scammer

    I deposited US$200 into Sycamore Options on the 13 Dec 13 and I requested a refund on the same day because I never receive the trading software as promise. Their staff, Jessica Perry requested me to submit the document in order to close account. These I submitted on the 16 Dec 13. She replied by...
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    Sycamore Options

    I am having major problems with Sycamore Options for Binary Trading following an introduction to them by Same Day Profits. On 9th November 2013 I opened an account with €250 and then €750. I was telephoned by a man called Alex Stern who persuaded me to invest more and I eventually subscribed a...
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    Sycamore Options

    Please beware of this binary options company. I open a $10,000.00 trading acct., one of their traders,Ales, traded my whole acct. in one day. I did recover $6000.00. I cannot get in touch with anyone to close my acct. I have sent emails but with no response. This all started about 2 weeka
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    A victim of Sycamore Options Ltd.

    Description of Complaint: Hi There, I'm a victim of Sycamore Options! I've dealt with Sycamore people for refunding my money which I deposited with my credit card in the beginning, but they've been ignoring my reasonable requests! Firstly, there are no company charge $35~50 for withdraw by...
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    ******************cysec warning re sycamore options***********************

    Hi Guys, This has been posted on the CYSEC website regarding Sycamore options. Can we please label them a scam or put it to a vote. zach6210
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    *****WARNING***** BY CYSEC RE: TRADERXP LTD 19 September 2013

    Hi Guys, Please read this attachment. There has been a warning issued by CYSEC on the 19th of September regarding TRADERXP. I have a suspicion that they have changed their name to Sycamore options. I can't confirm this though. My suspicion is backed up by the fact that 1. when you...
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    Sycamore options

    WARNING ABOUT SYCAMORE OPTIONS SAME DAY PROFITS There is a new system by Mr. Stanley Krackor called “SAME DAY PROFITS”. Same Day Profits is basically a free software that will offer you free forex trading signals to perform binary trading. The thing is, Stanley Krackor has created...