1. D

    IHForex and TadawulFx - Important and urgent

    Gentlemen I have a problem with IHForex thy Do not want to give me my money the problem I am the account holder No. 11006 and I was dealing with TudawalFX company trading And they are dealing in my account and transactions carried out by the losses. and I canted the contract between me...
  2. J

    Tadawul Fx

    TADAWULFX caution investors!! it is a coup. they realized that 10 days deposit by VISA card and there was not any credit in my account in the alleged broker. or at least were willing to answer my emails I sent to them. I'm upset, feeling robbed. but I learned a lesson! is the warning to...
  3. Duy

    Tadawulfx = Tadascamfx

    Dear friends, As you look at the pic below you will see that they did not let my Stop Loss hit and closed my order when price moved up to more 30 pips. http://uploadpic.org/v.php?img=DP96p9cZEQ They explained to me that my account did not have enough money so it stopped out and forced the...
  4. W

    Tadawulfx Scam

    Hello. My English is very limited. I turned to Google Translate. Shortly / Briefly Tadawulfx'in fraud / theft / fraud / trap method I described. 1. margin call calculations and volume calculations are different. 2. Leverage reduction / mitigation / decrement to the margin call. 3...