1. Y

    Tallinex.com I can't sign in from 15th of January. Even I am not receiving any daily confirmation.

    Dear all , please help me how can get my money back.$750.tallinex is not answering my call even no email response. Based on the forexpeacearmy advice I started trading with them . Before also I lost money with others broker.. now I can't keep patience. Please help me to get my real deposit ...
  2. R

    Tallinex not processing withdrawals

    So i have been using this company since April 2016, i tried to withdraw my money on the 31st July 2018. (just over 10K) I received no email or notification of progress so logged in to find an investigation warning and stating their accounts are on stop. I appreciate they are 'under...
  3. J

    Scammed by Tallinex

    I withdrew 330$ from tallinex for more than three months, they have refused to process my money
  4. C

    TALLINEX needs no introduction

    Well, from all the reviews and my big sum of money held by those guys, why not, right? Let's open this Weird how not Guilty case has been found yet, come on FPA!
  5. R

    Tallinex not accepting or sending withdraw request

    Hi guys, Wishing i had never gone near this broker but a quick google brings loads of threads on here! So i initiated a withdraw request on the 31/07/2018 but almost two months later it still shows as pending. Ive tried talking to customer service in live chat and via the support ticket...
  6. N

    Tallinex doesn't process withdrawals

    I traded with them for a while and then I decided to make a withdrawal about a month ago and it still pending.. I also sent them a message what's going on with my account if they approved my withdrawal they asked me to upload my bank statements to my account so I did it immediately, when i...
  7. H

    Tallinex scam company

    I have two pending withdraw requests of significant size which remain unprocessed. One dates from 5th of June and the other from the 6th of July. I've asked countless times to have them processed but with no result. Posting a review on this site didnt help either. I see other people are having...
  8. Irina79

    tallinex.com stole my deposit

    I've been waiting for my money for more than two month. They are thieves, I can not even take my deposit. My Profile ID 239257. I'm going to tell in all the forums about them.
  9. D

    WARNING! Tallinex SCAM! Doesn't even return deposit!

    I am traded forex on news releases. I have been working for a long time, but with the problem with broker Tallinex LTD collided for the first time. 03/12/2018 I made a deposit of $ 1876.92 in tallinex.com I managed to earn $ 3,028 04/19/2018 I was able to withdraw only part of the funds in the...
  10. G


    Hello folks, It’s now about 3 weeks from the request and I still didn’t receive my withdrawal of 5k (removed from the mt4 3 weeks ago) and I still have 2.5k in the accs l; in the back office it still appears to be pending and via email they don’t get back. In chat they say to wait for emails...
  11. el23876

    Tallinex.com doesn't withdraw deposit

    Trading with this broker sivce 2016. 30/04/2018 requested withdrawal USD4700. Whole deposit is 19k. One month passed. Still have not received it. Support doesn't reply to emails.
  12. sh4848fx

    Tallinex is scamer (tallinex.com)

    This broker does not pay the profit and does not return the deposit. I honestly traded the news but they blocked my account and did not give my money. I managed to pick up only my deposit but many of my friends can not do it. These are scammers and they have problems with the regulator in the US...
  13. Elijah Marks

    tallinex CARE TO EXPLAIN?

    29479094 2016.09.05 16:22:37 sell 0.01 usdcadecn 1.29190 1.29596 1.29150 2016.09.05 19:58:23 1.30038 0.00 0.00 0.00 -6.52 29479149 2016.09.05 16:26:31 sell 0.01 usdcadecn 1.29186 1.29597 1.25296 2016.09.05 19:58:23 1.30038 0.00 0.00 0.00 -6.55 29479518 2016.09.05 17:26:20 sell 0.01 usdcadecn...
  14. seth blackstone

    Tallinex/FXChoice Credit/Debit Card funding of Forex account

    I am confused and worried, my broker in Belize FXChoice put up a message on there website that said they were updating their CC/DC (Credit Card/Debit Card) processing, that was 16 months ago, they still don't have the functionality. Now my other broker (Tallinex) has done the same thing, I...
  15. J

    Who got ripped off by Simon at TW50

    Simon is the guy who runs this service and has enticed many people to his premium signals room and "autotrade service" via Tallinex brokers. He has now disappeared and everyones accounts are diminishing rapidly. Over 200 members have open trades in managed accounts with TW50, have no stop...
  16. A

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