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    Problem CapitalOneForex.com Scam!!!

    Hello to every one My name is Savelie and I have one account with this company which is 55702. this is my history of how I was fraud by your company. 1)on 04.02.2014 I deposit 1000$ and I received 85% as bonus. 2) on period between 04.02.2014-06.02.2014 I made 4 trades and made 1834$...
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    TarsierFX withdraw & confiscation fund problem

    My bad experience with TARSIER FX account 2100012895, on 23 April 2014 request withdraw from tarsier, receive confirmation email from tarsier need 2 day to process after 1 week email mr Ronald Marilou ,client relationship manager ask what the status? Replay empty promise, than call office no one...
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    Problem Problem with withdrawal -CAPITALONEFOREX

    I requested withdrawal 21/05/2014 at about 1400 EUR,but nothing happened My account number is: 94496,I have made withdrawal request through wire transfert last week,but yesterday they cancelled my withdrawal without any reason! :confused: I have made a lot of calls,send a lot of emails but...
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    RESOLVED - TARSIER New Zealand: Can not withdraw deposit and profit! - Scam signal

    Tarsier contacted me and started to solve my issue within next 10 days. I will delete this thread if get fund back. Dear friends, I am sharing my bad experience on Tarsier, headquarter in New Zealand and Vietnam branch. I lose my $4000 deposit and $1904 profit. I hope to receive your...