1. S

    Telegram Forex Investment Scam

    Just to inform you all that FX Pips Action runs a scam investment pool. Admins Jacob Hemison and Maite Ackermann will take your money then block you from the group and private chat. Be cautious and report if you can.
  2. L

    Telegram Scammers

    I was also scammed recently by a lady who goes by the name Victoria Harvey on Telegram and a guy who is calling himself Markson Fred on Telegram. Beware
  3. cTrader

    Official cTrader Telegram Group Launched

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the official cTrader Telegram group. This group is an extra addition to our communication channels, which will allow you to engage directly with the cTrader development team, our community managers as well as fellow community members. It is a quick...
  4. willgram

    Oscar Johann Perez of Fx Dynasty Capital: BIG TELEGRAM SCAMMER ALERT !! FROM FLORIDA MIAMI

    Hello everyone. I have never been in my life been scammed and met someone who is a big liar pretending a good person violating the law of the United States of America about scam business on the internet. FBI must start doing an investigation about this Oscar Johann Perez on Telegram with the...
  5. T

    Xm Management Fraud channel on telegram

    Their is a channel on telegram by the name XM Management. They theyvare associated with xm broker its all a lie to trap people. They burn my 2000usd account in 1 hour. Denis raymond is a gambling trader he traded full margin on my account and burned it in one hour. Stay away from the scammer...
  6. H

    Mastereas scam price action scalping EA

    scammers and been scammed by the named person Phuong Nguyenhoang who's real name is is Ahmed Zabir I have sent him money and he has blocked me on telegram please be careful this is a scam be aware
  7. X

    Scam Telegram Channel, Non-indicator forex trading

    The telegram channel @Nonindicator (Non-indicator forex trading) run by@anamer with name Artem Emelianenko and email address (also used in Skrill payment): is a Scammer. He took payment via Skrill and very tactfully using a Telegram flaw deleted all my conversation...
  8. V

    Forex EA scam on Telegram

    helo, I would like to warn traders who are planning to buy EA from one guy named Anthony. He is selling PARDISEROBOTS...I paid him USD150 for the and his screenshots show big profit and he promised me so and also promised supports for the EA. The EA went bust after few days and my account went...
  9. S

    FX Free Signals Telegram (SCAM BEWARE) George Hudson aka Danny Somerhalder

    FX Free Signals Telegram (SCAM BEWARE) George Hudson aka Danny Somerhalder The owner telegram main channel Telegram Username : @Georgehudson ( George Hudson) @the_fx_signals ( Danny Somerhalder) This channel offering forex signal service and investment opportunity to scam...
  10. P

    EliteFX Traders Club and Tesla Trading Ltd on Telegram

    There is a Telegram channel I have been following for a while called EliteFX Traders Club They have been showing good results on their managed accounts and having a large number of members so I decided to invest as well. I have contacted the owner at @elitefxx on Telegram and also...
  11. F

    Billionaires forex signals I would like to have your opinion on this group I am since a least but I do not want to be ripped off. they guarantee 2000 pips a month if I can get back it will be very generous
  12. Siphelele Makhanya

    Info @thealphastake

    I just wish to find out if @thealphastake are legit group of people, I find them too good to be true, please help me out!
  13. M

    venturefx signal scam

    VentureFx and CerberusFX signal and ( lot of different names) , offers 80-90 % success rate in advertisement but the success rate is very very poor. The admin Mr Thevin always manipulate the results , never match with the real results. Continuously they changes SL , if SL hits after change he...
  14. Q

    Scammed by Telegram IQ option investment

    Hi. I'm new to all this but i had to share my very recent experience. I fell for a scam investment on telegram by a @Robert Barnes. He enticed me very well into an investment and then asked to provide his commission as it couldnt be deducted from the profits made. I feel such a fool but his free...
  15. Epirahs

    Mr. Melker Bergström & Forex Trading Profit (Telegram Channel)

    100% Fraud person who cheats people saying don’t invest to lose money and so on.. but at the end of the day, the person is a scammer.. Please please don’t trust this person at all.. this person will even say that your money will be with me safe as a mom after investing.. Never ever trust him...