1. W

    Resolved: scam , cannot withdraw 62EUR

    Here is the case. I deposited in 2021 52EUR and made some profits around 10EUR :) Now from 17 days they cannot process my withdrawal because i provided different bank account (I no longer use my old account). They say every day that they will push my case to finance department and bla bla bla ...
  2. K

    Problem My problem with ThinkMarkets

    Hi Traders, I just want to raise awareness and caution you from using Thinkmarkets as your trading broker! The story starts back in June 2020 when we started our trading using an automated robot (EA) and our trading capital was 300,000 AUD. First 3 months were running good and fantastic, and...
  3. olomos55

    Complaint by a Multi - Affiliates programme of ThinkAffiliates it's a scam

    The broker refuses to pay the accumulated affiliations with ridiculous excuses, they owe me more than 5k $, the traders have reported me that they also scam traders with platform malfunctions! stay away
  4. M

    Think markets is a big scam broker

    They have stolen my involvement, they increase the speard in rollover time which lead to margin out my account. I try to sent many emails to them without any care from there side they don't reply and just sent that it is normal. I try to complain against them at AFCA as they state in there...
  5. M

    Resolved: Thinkmarkets stoll my money

    At the end of trading day and before closing market time around one minute they increase the speard higher than normal which lead to margin out my account however I was hedge all my trades
  6. V

    Problem Complaint involving Multis - ThinkMarkets Partners (ex ThinkForex) it's a big scam

    Hello army! In 2016 I worked as a partner for Think Forex (now Think Markets) bringing customers to their platform, my affiliate manager at the time was Romain Biasini, after about a month, after accumulating several commissions it was time to pay the commission payment the affiliate manager has...
  7. F

    Resolved: Think markets placed a plugin quote maker on my account which caused excessive slippage and feed freezing

    hi Harley Salt, alla polyanskaya, jacob galea , scott head of risk. on the 1st feb i reached out as i could see issues, but i didn't know of the manipulation that was taking place on the back end of my account at this time, so kept trading as any full time trader would (see attached email it...
  8. T

    RESOLVED - think markets tf global scam tco

    I traded with think markets for a few months earlier this year, to start with I was really surprised at how good there feed and execution times where, but like any fairy tail things changed once my account balance was up over 1000% growth. I had noticed my feed slowing so I emailed support with...
  9. D

    Beware from ThinkMarkets him does not respond give me my IB commission

    Caution from a company they do not want to give me an IB commission where I want to leave the field of forex but they tell me you must bring clients so that we can allow you to take the commission as it is from private accounts and the company allowed me to benefit from the commission of my...
  10. Bollebeertje

    RESOLVED via FOS - ThinkMarkets STOLE €43,521.96! ThinkTwice Before You Trade With Them!!!

    ThinkMarkets a reputable broker within the FPA community stole €43,521.96 by acusing me of trading on internet delays and off market quotes. This is what happend... After comparing a few brokers by their trading conditions (spread, leverage, products) and reputation with the FPA, I decided to...
  11. M&Z

    ThinkMarkets Going to be scam broker

    Hello Traders Please be aware of ThinkMarkets (ThinkForex) i was trading with them before years and everything was OK but these days there's something wrong inside the broker my story is when i traded with ThinkMarkets in November and December I have 2 accounts with them those accounts is under...
  12. F

    ThinkMarkets stole 17000 USD of my profits

    Hello, ThinkMarkets is thief it has cancelled 17000 USD, of my profits and closed my account in a claim that I have violated their contract term , which is absolutely not never happened. Be ware of this broker and never trust them with your money, I am currently filing a complaint against them...
  13. Alfonso87

    Scammed at THINKMARKET

    THINK MARKET. I GOT SCAMMED. Hello guys.. just got robbed 48000 euros due to poor security measures at Think Market brokers in London. My account with them went from 50000 to 18 euros in 13 minutes. I got scammed - I recieved phone calls from people saying they were Think Market employees...
  14. V


    I have had a money manager contract (Multi-Account Manager) with Tf Global Markets. This was through my company (which i am the sole director of). I was carrying out trading on behalf of an unnamed associate of mine. A lot size limitation applied to my trading, which was making it difficult for...