1. Tajinderpal

    Problem I can't withdraw my money from Tickmill Ltd. Seychelles

    Hi Sir, Myself Tajinder Pal Singh Brar victim from India I have a Forex Account in Tickmill Seychelles. My Tickmill wallet USD (SF303348705USD). Where is I have scammed by TickMill Ltd. Payment gateway through “Smart IndiaPay “ Its official website address is indiapaynow.com . I have scammed of...
  2. S

    Be aware Tickmil UK LTD commits FRAUDE (they falsify data! )

    Never trade with this company! As the Financial ombudsman has ruled in my favor, despite that Tickmill falsified (!) data, Tickmill refuses to comply with the Final Decision. (check FOS website Decisions database - www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/decision/DRN-3148143.pdf) They have been...
  3. Deltoid88

    Problem Tickmill SCAM! Offers invalid WTI price in close only mode, wrong price execution for all bigger trades

    I am going to describe 2 problems I ran into with Tickmill. My trading account # 3033967. First and main problem is fake and imaginary WTI CFD price they offer in the moment. Their price currently is at 9.43$ for barrel, while true WTI CFD price is 26$ for barrel, it can be checked with any...
  4. msud3

    Tickmill is a biggest Scam Broker !! Stay Away !!

    This is Md. Shihab Uddin From Bangladesh. I'm a member of Tickmill.com. I took entry last 12.12.2019 with proper stop loss & take profit, but it was finished unexpectedly. Those entry have taken almost 3 times bigger stop loss from my account. I'm too much shocked by watching it. I have...
  5. B

    ABANDONED - Tickmill-Not Return my money

    Hi Guys, I have 1 account that withdrawn USD267 in 8 Oct 2019 but until today,i still not get my money.My account number is 3032922 at Live04.I already sent an email to them and they give me ARN number to check with my bank.I checked with my bank and nothing received in my account.Then i asked...
  6. I

    Scamm Tickmill !!!!!внимание!!!!!

    Прошу В FPA рассмотреть мою жалобу относительно брокерской компании Tickmill Ниже поясняю суть жалобы: При открытии сделок на реальном счету цена открытия не соответствует реальному показателю рыночной цены в момент открытия в пользу брокерской компании . Так же при отрицательном движении...
  7. T

    Tickmill has scammed me and drained my account

    I am filing a case against Tickmill broker on Seychelles division for manipulating MT4 platform on their side. This company is fraud. On Tuesday November 27th, I have noticed that 3 of my pending orders 50321139, 50324885, 50325173 for the account # 124466 was not closed despite several attempts...
  8. E

    TickMill manipulates and spike Spreads and also Prices

    I want to add my complaints about the broker TickMill. For a very long time I have tried unsuccessfully to get TickMill to give me answers to my complaints, but all they do is to avoid giving direct answers to my accusations and trying to pin the problem on me or my EA. I have given them (on...
  9. O


    There are so many issue about price being earlier reported but each complain and/or explanation always reported have made me always look like fool, because i the meta4 chart would have been corrected, capture page will not be accessible at meta4 data base and i was not able to access attached...
  10. U

    Resolved - Tickmill Scammed me for 31,341.76 USD

    Hello, Tickmill has scammed me for 31,371.76 USD, I was out of trading and wasn't trading in my account from the past 6 months, and Now when I log in, I have 0 balance, but I was logging in to my account every day to check if my funds are available or not, and suddenly today, I can see that my...
  11. 5

    Tickmill SCAM traders beware

    Hello everybody, Today i am here to inform all traders about Tickmill's market maker tactics under the aid of the infamous virtual dealer plugin and other proprietary software. Let me start by saying that ECN simply does not exist it is a pure scam their website is nicely polished and if you...
  12. P

    Resolved - Tickmill

    The minimum lot size for the symbol XAUUSD suddenly increased from 0.01 to 0.1 last Friday 12/08/2016, did anyone else experience this issue? My EA tried to open 0.01 lot but the server change caused it open 0.1 lot instead, thereby magnifying the loss on my accounts. Tickmill are acknowledging...
  13. A

    Discuss Tickmill.com

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