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    Problem Tifia: A huge problem

    My name is Amos Esele. I wish to report a case involving a Russian broker named Tifia. Last year June, it claimed it was folding up due to the impact of the Russo-Ukraine war and asked clients like me in Nigeria to forward our account details for payment of our investment through a Nigeria firm...
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    RESOLVED Case# 2018-013 | chitak vs tifia.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: tifia.com My Case is: I traded with Tifia for a few months, I made pretty good profits, I opened two accounts with them one was Start and one was ECN. One day they blocked my account and decided to cancel over 4501.48...
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    RESOLVED - Tifia cancelled over 4000 EUR in profits

    I have had trades totalling EUR 4501.48 cancelled by Tifia on my account. My account number 6026336, in case Tifia decides to show up here and state their reasoning. On november 28th I had a very good day where I had made a large profit. The next day Tifia blocked my account and asked to verify...
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    I saw that much Russian Trader had very good results, I wanted to invest in this Broker, but I can surprise that these are scammers, Their trading platforms are manipulated by the Broker proof have here some images showing how to show results.