1. P

    Pedro Marquez vs Titantrade

    Good afternoon I did titantrade.com financial transactions, I was offered bonds, consultations and assistance, but never received anything. I made transactions on my own, but I lost money, now that I am applying for the return of my balance, do not answer me emails or the phone, I made the...
  2. W

    Filed a Credit card Chargeback against TitanTrade/ NRG/NRGBinary and won

    I opened an account with Titantrade in June 2014 through Mike Freeman recommendation and over a period of 2 months have deposited about usd30k with them. They offered me 'protected/insured trade' where they reimburse you if you have a losing bet which turn out to be not true. They do reimburse...
  3. H

    TITANTRADE.COM---SCAM ALERT!!!--michael freeman's recomendation

    Anybody...helloooo...can someone help me please... I got introduced to titantrade.com by michael freeman of binary option on his site that if i donate to one of his charity which i did to get his software and by not erasing the cookies i couldn't get his auto software to titantrade.com and he...
  4. P

    TitanTrade - Not Crediting After Client Documents Verified

    I don't understand these companies. I would think they can make more money with repeat and new customers than by stopping business with repeat customers like me. I really liked my first broker and also the company. I really want to continue trading with them because I am now making profit. Maybe...
  5. Z

    Titan Trade

    Titan trade is scam one of the biggest, does anyone know who owns Titan trade and his email address I have a story to tell him to F off and stop this daylight robbery business Or does anyone have Simona Weinglass email the times of Israel reporter on binary options I have s big story to tell her
  6. S

    Titantrade.com - Israeli Scam Titan refuses withdrawal

    It’s time for TitanTrade thieves. After returned my money with chargeback from No1options.com and from Bloombex with help of FPA and TimesofIsrael.com today I am beginning my battle against another Israeli scam titan: Titan-Trade.com. I am writing this post on behalf of my 65 year old father...
  7. B

    Titan trade is going down!!!

    hi, I will call myself for the time being Mr. G, I was scamed by Titan trade for 220k in less then 3 month, my "broker" name is : "josh Bradford". I know this name is fake or like they like to call it a "stage name" and I also know that Titan trade is a bull**** brand name they use for their...
  8. augie

    My problems with TitanTrade

    (Stay away from lan baker from titantrade) I was conned for $20000 from Titantrade I moved on but found I am really angry, I sent them an email expressing my disappointment and asked that my account be closed, they replied with a whole lot of speel, when I have finished unloading my...
  9. T

    Titan Trade Managed Forex Account Scam

    I opened a binary options account with Titan Trade in August 2015. The account manager, David Fisher gave me some signals based on earning season. He managed to lose my whole investment, but said that he would return the funds because it was protected. We used the returned bonus funds and made...