1. James—1

    Tomahawk Finance Limited Mt5 is a scam

    我遇到了一个香港女孩的骗局。他骗我的钱投资Tomahawk Finance Limited,一开始就给我取了10美元。后来我没有直接拿出来,要我交税。我无处可去,我没有食物可吃。有没有人遇到过和我完全一样的经历?
  2. K

    Tomahawk Finance Company is a big scam

    Dear All, I want tell you true story about Tomahawk Finance Company that is registered in UK as per UK Rules and regulations. I met with an Girl who belonged to Honk Kong. She send me friend request on Facebook and I accepted her request. After that she started to send messages on my Facebook...
  3. James152345

    Tomahawk finance is a scam

    I met a girl who said that her uncle helped her make an investment and introduced Tomahawk Finance on MT5, but I have never been able to withdraw more than 10% of the investment. When I tried to withdraw a higher amount, they said I will pay the fee, but I can't fall into this pit. I lost more...