top option

  1. G

    TOPOPTION is a scam

    I set up a TOPOPTION account in early November. In early February when I wanted to payout my earned money TOPOPTION blocked THE ACCOUNT. First they blocked me transactions and then deleted the money (about 5000zł or about 1160 Euro) When I tried to find out why they blocked my account, they...
  2. A (LeadTrade LTD) is stealing money of their clients

    My name is Anna and I want to tell you about and how they stole my money. I have an account 24128514 on (LeadTrade Ltd.) binary option broker CySEC license number 296/16. I opened account in October 2016 with EUR 300 deposit and earned EUR 3990 since. I requested...
  3. M


    TOPOPTION BLOCKED MY ACCOUNT AND RESET THE ACCOUNT. When I made withdrawal request for a bigger amount (10 000 zł, is about 2500$), they sent me the official document that they solved the agreement with immediate effect. I can not log into the account and recover monies won. On the account was...
  4. G


    Hello, I have an account 21862392 on binary option broker. I opened account in 19.10.2014 and put 1305 PLN (about 300$), since then I withdraw 92 463,89 PLN (about 23 000$) . Broker started to block my transactions as you can see on film . I requested payment 31.01.2017 for 20 000...
  5. R

    Hello, I have an account 23927392 on binary option broker license numer 296/16. I opened account in 05.2016 and put 100$, I earned 7252.10$ since then and withdraw 520$. I requested payment 04.01.2017 for 300$ and second 16.01.2017 for 1000$. There was no response from the broker...
  6. R

    Topoption just kill me.

    I have opened an account in topoption in the mid of this year.That time I am practicing hard to develop my trading strategy then I was successful to develop my own trading way thenI was looking for a good broker, suddenly I have got a call from topoption my account manager she just explained...
  7. etienne

    Tried to withdraw and TopOption deleted my gain.

    Hello dear trader I would like to complain via your site on topoption. I made a request for withdrawal of 29174 euros and it my deleted my gain !!!
  8. botsog

    TopOption very poor customer support... Refund not being actioned!!!

    Hi Traders! I traded with TopOption more than two years ago. I had a satisfactory experience with them before. Withdrawal will take up to three working days through wire transfer. They were then at that time under Safecap. They are now under LeadTrade Ltd. which also owns