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    We live in Australia and our nightmare with TopTenCoin formerly known as CryptoTrader has been ongoing since September 2018. Our first contact was with a Steve Lacazette. Steve instilled confidence and recommended we start by depositing $10,000 that we had set aside for trading. Steve advised...
  2. F scam

    Hi Everyone, I saw there were others out there, seems like there were lots of Aussies and they said to open a new thread, so here it is, so everyone, feel free to tell your story here and share information.Seems some are farther ahead of me, interesting about the hong kong and israel connection...
  3. F and scams

    Hi , I live in Australia. I would like to hear from people who have been scammed from these two online traders. fix-market address of 88 Wood Street , London , is a fabrication. I presently have no idea where and in what country , they operate from. The fixmarket person goes by the name of Ray...