trade 245

  1. MrGekko

    Problem After withdrawing request Trade245 refused profit withdrawal and banned EVERY trader from my country

    I have been trading with them for a month. I have made one very small withdrawal first without any issue. After requesting a withdrawal of 1000 USD I got this email: ( "Good Day Client We hope you are doing well. Trade245 is a product of RED PINE CAPITAL (PTY)LTD, an...
  2. D Withdrawal Issue 245103414

    I have $10k in my wallet and around 900usd in my mt4 account .i have been trading with this broker since 24-02-2021. My first withdrawal requested date on 23-03-2021 they rejected and asked me to provide documents. which i have already provied and that Approved Again i requested on 25-03-2021...