1. W

    How i was duped (scammed) by a broker representing Trade 12.

    Hi, I traded with Trade 12 MT4, I was contacted by one of the broker named Matthew regularly till I invested 250 USD in EUR/USD. He was supposed to teach me about forex trade, The graph showed I made some profit about 880 USD.this guy called again told me it’s the time to double the money...
  2. R

    Resolved - TRADE12 SCAM!!! Person Wanted Roy Stanley

    Hi all, high risk warning to trade 12! I had contact with a "ROY STANLEY".. a real bandit! New strategy is at first to want to sell a S&P500 Contract .. the second thing is - very important for all.. if you want to make a withdrawal request - hey says that he have to configure something at your...
  3. Thiago

    Trade12 Scammed me

    I opened my account on after a account manager calls me, a few months ago. He said the he will help me to make my trades and he promised me that we will had at least 8% of profit every month (by the way, I don't have any forex or market experience). The account manager said to me...
  4. Donvilla


    Hi all I was contacted by a company, Trade 12, with the chance to open a trading account in July. I did some research into the company and everything appeared to be in order. I then decided to open an account with the minimum amount of $100. I made a few small trades and things were going well...
  5. Patrick Smith

    Spam from a Trade12 employee

    This is another thread "Patrick" started. Hi, I've been looking for the best forex broker for a quite while now. I've seen many promising brokers in the web, and I have listed the top 5 forex brokers that piques my interest. Now, I need to choose the best forex broker out of these 5 (eToro...
  6. A

    Problem Trade12 SCAM

    Hi all, Intrigued from the Mike Tyson advertising of Broker I decided to open an account. They offer just mt4 accounts. I deposited 100$. I were called from Cyprus guys speaking italian language with romanian accent that kindly gave me all the support needed. He said and wrote to me by email...