1. MarekStastny


    Trade24 ruined my life, it has been proven a scam. I have deposited 35k of my hard-earned money and traded on bogus advice. It is all a big scam and the brokers are impostors based out of eastern Europe using British sounding names like David Berg or Joshua Stevens. As a result of their scam on...
  2. R

    Can't withdraw money from Trade 24

    Hello there My name is Filip and I'm writing to you because I'm desperate for help. About two months ago a company called trade 24 started to randomly call me on the phone talking about Forex and you know "money making". I had issues back then with work, studies(a lot of stress simply putting)...
  3. christianfivaz is a scam. be carefull.

    I activated an account with them with 250 Euro and i discovered that the guy who tried to convince me thst the platform is serious called me from Romania.then he wanted that i give my secret code to activate my account and i felt forced to give it .then i found on the forum that this platform is...
  4. maduet

    Trade-24 cheats me out of €2.5k

    On 9th March 2017 my account manager at Trade-24 (Daniel Bergman) phoned me to say that there was high-impact News coming up the following day and that he had a special venture in mind that was guaranteed to make a lot of money. I replied that I wasn't interested, as I had only just succeeded in...
  5. Rayan_Taj

    Trade24 - Finance Dept is rejecting Withdrawal Request

    I started trading with Trade24 in Mid of August 2015 with initial deposit of 4.5 K$, then I added 5 K$. When I made my second deposit, my account manager offered my 30% bonus without any restriction in case I made withdrawal request. (As per signed documents with them, I have the right to...
  6. B


    I have problems with Trade24. They are described in detail in the attached document.
  7. Erimone withdrawal problem

    I am trying to get my money back since February 2017. Have contacted trade-24 customer service, and the all they tolled me is that you will get money next week and every week the same. I been asked to make a withdrawal request over and over again also filled up some deposit declaration forms...
  8. T

    Trade24 - withdrawel.

    No response for 7weeks from trade24 for withdrawel. I tried to contact them on numerous ocations. Can anybody advise me what to do please!!
  9. F

    Trade-24 com trouble to withdraw money

    I have a complaint against Trade24. They told me to deposit 223 euro to start a business with them and then take a sign for me for my deposition of 223 euro on 05th June 2017 . But after 2 days when I have contacted with my Gold card department, they told me that Trade24 has deducted money 3...
  10. S IS A FRAUD is a broker fraud, they are calling peoples to convice that they are real brokers and offering peoples bonus and many things. READ: As soon as you deposit them you lost your money, they try to convince you to deposit as much as you can and they steal your monay no matter how much...
  11. N

    Trade 24 Global Limited (Trade-24.Com)

    I was contacted by Allen over +41435083534 one of the sales person of Trade and invited me to join with them stating that by investing $500 i could earn $2000-3000 per month. Then i said no and said since my husband lost him money investing at Stoxmarket now we have no faith in this...
  12. L

    I would like to make the complaint to the authorities for scamming and cheating by and their social trading, they use a name of a trader milionare704 who is supposed to be a millionaire with a great track record and use different real names of this 'trader' - they also don't...
  13. M withdrawal made 28 Dec 2016, no money 18 Jan 2017 withdrawal made 28 Dec 2016, no money by today 18 Jan 2017 original deposit 10000eur profit 6000eur I have tried to make withdrawals 10000 and 6000 or 5000 since Noember 2016. I received only an email "Dear Markku, Thank you for your continued interest in TRADE24. Your withdrawal...
  14. A is SCAM

    I deposited US$ 5000 with Trade24, then they asked me to add another US$ 2000, as it was showing that I made profit to reach the total US$ 9000 including my investment amount, then the account manager disappeared, and another guy called me, and telling me that there were some problems with my...
  15. H

    Scam by Trade 24

    Under the pressure of High pressure sales person Named Tony (from trade24) I opened an account for pound 500 but immediately after opening I realized that I had made a mistakes so I asked for my money back. After a number of emails and their promise of sending money back I did not receive...
  16. samdobson

    TRADE 24 Refusing to Allow Withdrawal

    I deposited money with 3-4 months ago 2 months ago i tried to withdraw the money to which they said 7 days. 2 months later, no contact, no withdrawal and just silence. Has anyone else actually managed to get there money back?
  17. Hristo is SCAM

    Hi to all forex traders in the world, my name is Hristo And I WANT TO WARN YOU ABOUT COMPANY NAMED My case is:All started when I got a call from John Myers - account executive of I told him that if he gives me good conditions I will start with account with 5000 usd -...
  18. J

    RESOLVED - cannot withdraw from trade24

    lodged withdrawal request on 25/09/2014, no fund transferred to me until today(20/10/2014).I think I was scammed by trade24.