1. Mark Miller (FortFS)

    Fort Financial Services - news and announcements

    Dear Forex Peace Army forum users! Welcome to the international brokerage Fort Financial Services! Fort Financial Services – is international licensed brokerage company, that combines the time-tested reliability and innovative trading technologies. We do everything for comfortable trading of...
  2. C

    RESOLVED - TradeFort has liquidity issues, stopped withdrawals for 30 days!!!

    Hi All Please see the attached email I received from TradeFort ( TradeFort Team <> ) Does it sound like a bunkrupt ? Dear, ***********! Dear Sir! We have the following situation regarding your trading and problems that happened with Loyal Bank. We stopped...
  3. Z

    RESOLVED - withdraw issue

    I'm trading at this broker since 1,5 years. Until now there wasn't any problem with the trading or withdrawal. (BTW until now I didn't want to withdraw all my money). Now I've choosen wire transfer, but they said there's some problem with Loyal Bank, they will tell me when can I get my money...
  4. A

    tradefort rejected my withdrawal

    This company did not want to withdraw my money. when i contact support, he always gave me same answer, ask IB to contact me, i didn't know my IB, i just click the link and register an account. I deposit through liberty direct to broker, but broker always ask me to contact IB, not broker...
  5. G

    Resolved - Tradefort issue

    I had an ea that opend so many orders, they disabled my account for the first time without any prior warning, then i asked them to enable it , they did and i close all of the open positions and removed that ea, after that i opened few positions, but they disabled my account again without any...
  6. M

    Abandoned/Unsupported - Tradefort broker delete my profit

    Hi Guys They said allow scalping and news trading. My account is 136126 in tradefort broker They deleted my profit after I request withdrawal. This is reason Dear client, Dealing Department noticed that your trades #8731810 and #8662174 were conducted with non-market quotes that appeared...
  7. A

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