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    tradefxm-live (Tradefxm limited)

    My account 2100060778 I begin with this company since 06/09/2017 , i transfer to them 9,000 usd, and now my balance showing 24,492 usd. I ask them to transfer my balance (24,492) usd, but they said to me I must transfer 5,000 usd as a commission to the company in order to transfer my balance ...
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    Tradefxm Ltd. Not giving amount

    Hello sir, I'm from India. I got the Call from the person regarding live Auto trading. I transferred 5505 USD to them based on that auto trading gng on and now it's shows 18961 usd. Now they are asking 30% advance for withdrawal the currency. Kindly,Need your assist and support me to get my...