1. L

    Problem Tradelite

    Seems like tradelite has disappeared.
  2. Scam Investigations Committee

    Problem A Dead Scam Company Comes Back With A New Name

    We admit it. Everyone of FPA's Scam Investigations Committee loves horror flicks. Part of the fun is that no matter how completely they dismember, shoot, blow up, or incinerate the bad guy, we know he'll be back for another round of carnage in the next movie. Movie nights at Scam...
  3. Scam Investigations Committee

    Problem A company disappears, along with all the money

    TradeLite was a HYIP site. It had a guaranteed large percentage of return on investments. Evidently, it was paying out some money, since a large number of people invested heavily based on how it was rated on some HYIP rating sites. A few weeks ago, the website went down and all...
  4. midasfl

    Problem Scam

    Another site vanished many have lost big, funded through Many dissapointed posts on Website unavailable no response from admin - or owner - A major advocate posted a response to my email to him as follows: HOME...