1. 7

    TraderXp and YTF Trade Ltd

    Can anyone help please. To help my claim against my credit card I require some official documentation evidence that YTF Trade Ltd is linked to TraderXP Ltd. Thank you
  2. S

    Traderxp - do no let you withdraw

    I have been waiting over 4 months for a withdrawal of £5,000. I have tried numerous attempts to contact TraderXP directly: through my 'account manager' SHON (Sean) PARK; by calling customer services; by emailing customer services. Sean Park insists he is not in control of withdrawals (but...
  3. P

    I opened an account with and deposited $249 on 30/10/2013. When i first try to withdrawal my amount. It got canceled immediately on 7th may 2014. And after that i have mailed many times to and their account department also. I registered case againt traderxp but...
  4. P withdrawal

    I opened an account with and deposited $249 on 30 Oct 2013. Now my account balance is $234 and i made withdrawal request of $234 on 9th may 2014 but traderxp did not approve my withdrawal. I have contacted many times but there is no response from them. Please help me to...
  5. legal research

    TraderXP scammed me of thousands

    Hello Everyone, This is my situation. First of all I should say that I was totally stupid and should of know better. I wish I had of taken a look at this site before losing money to these scammers. I can confidently say SCAMMERS, FRAUD EXPERTS, CHEATS and any other words that degrade a human...
  6. T

    traderxp withadrw issues

    traderxp not processing my withadrw request,i made deposit of 350 usd and made some profits,and tried to withadraw some profits,when i contcta them in live chat they told me they will prcess withadrw in 5-10 days,their billing supposrt contcted me and taken my required documents,it was almost 2...
  7. R

    Binary option

    I’m a client of One of the reasons why I registered on this forum is because I want to alert people who is currently trading with, or is interested in trading with them in the future. Since Oct.10/2012, I registered my first binary option account with
  8. Z

    *****WARNING***** BY CYSEC RE: TRADERXP LTD 19 September 2013

    Hi Guys, Please read this attachment. There has been a warning issued by CYSEC on the 19th of September regarding TRADERXP. I have a suspicion that they have changed their name to Sycamore options. I can't confirm this though. My suspicion is backed up by the fact that 1. when you...
  9. C

    Trader XP

    This company are just scammers as I have been contacting them since the begining of the year because there are trades on my account that I have not actioned and they do not reply to phone calls, emails or live chats. BEWARE
  10. C

    TraderXP SCAM!!

    Hi I decided to open a new account at TraderXP on the 5th Dec 2013. I opened the account and funded through Neteller with $150 (USD) and and a few minutes I added to the account another deposit of €200 (EUROS) from my credit card. I believe they will exchange my €200 Euros in USD Dollars...
  11. B

    Mark Goldman, TraderXp have confiscated my hard earned money!!!

    On 17/09/2013 I opened an account with TraderXp. I paid EUR 200.00. Immediately after I had Mark Goldman on the phone. He told me that I could get a bonus of Eur 1,000.00. I asked what it cost. He said nothing. I asked how it could be done. He said that the prize went to 70% to buyer, 20% of...
  12. S

    Trader XP is Scam Company

    It all started when i opened account on 23 May 2013. I deposited 200 USD in my account and made 3 consecutive successful trades. The outcome was 215 USD profit. The first phone call was from Mr. Mark Pollson who encouraged me to deposit more money so broker can work with me, i refused and then...
  13. J SCAM Alert - Charged my card without my authorization

    Hello fellow forum members and dignified traders. I opened an account with with a $500 deposit. They gave me $1000 bonus (which I really didn't want). I had a couple bad trades that took my balance down to $1000. Then, out of the blue, I received an email from