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    Tradesprime Scam Review - Avoid it all costs

    Avoid tradesprime and that is a must! They have stolen thousands of pounds from me without my authorisation and will make it very difficult (if not impossible for you to get that back). They ignored all my withdrawal requests since November 2017 and until today (in May 2018) I have received...
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    Can't withdraw from

    Okay, so this is a long one. I was about to give up on my money until a friend of mine told me about posting my issue in this community, so here goes nothing. A few things to mention before I start: I live in Spain, and seems like this company is from the United Kingdom. The company NEVER...
  3. Ahmed Abd Rapo have STOLEN MY MONEY Without even trading

    Short Story: Broker Name : Manager name: Victor Bredas (Fake name I guess) Manager email: Manager Skype: victorbredas Scam Nature: Direct Stealing of 500 EURO by Skrill and refused to withdraw them. Skrill name: Blue Seal Ltd Skrill email...