trading journal

  1. BZero

    My trading journal

    Disclaimer: This might not be an interesting thread to follow. There's no holy grail strategy to be learned here, I'm afraid. I'm only making this thread for myself, in an attempt to keep myself publicly accountable. My goal is to post every single trade I take. My hope is that this will stop me...
  2. _tkfx_

    My Personal Trading Journal through Youtube

    Ive been posting on a daily basis my trades taken through each trading session. Here is a preview
  3. alextrader79

    Shorts-and-longs by Alexander Kul

    Hello! I like reading this forum. So, I've decided to share my trading ideas with you. I'll post here my forecasts and opinions. I don't insist that they are absolutely right. If you are a newbie you can follow my advice (I have pretty good experience in Forex trading) but think by yourself...