trading platform

  1. M

    Problem Problem withdrawing money from my trading platform

    I have been trading with and have been trying to withdraw my funds, but have been told it has been flagged by Blockchain, and I need to transfer money into my account as a Security Deposit.
  2. PIPruit

    What is FX trading platform?

    I am looking for the best explanation of what is forex trading platform, please.
  3. FTMarkets

    FTMarkets trading platform has been officially launched in Vietnam

    FTMarkets was founded in 2005 and was established in London. It is a world-renowned foreign exchange brand. FT Markets professionally provides more than 60 kinds of financial product transactions such as foreign exchange, gold and silver, and has branches and offices in London, Hong Kong, New...
  4. J

    Which broking software would a pro use?

    Hi all, Newbie intros aside, I've been looking into Forex (and commodity) trading, and whats involved. One thing I think I've found is that there's a big difference between a Forex broker and a Forex trader. To me, a broker works for a financial company and trades on behalf of someone else...
  5. ElaineMDG

    MT4 acting funky

    up until the past 3-4 days, I haven't had ANY problems with the MT4 platform. Now-my S & R lines disappear after about 24 hours, and on every chart-it looks like there's a horizontal line "stuck" to the price-moving up & down with it just a pip or so away-but it's not listed under my...