trend analysis

  1. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs 10 Chart And Trend Analysis Examples of Forex Pairs

    Use these ten chart examples to show you reversals, oscillations and ranges, breakouts, and trend continuations, using the H4 time frame and larger. We use multiple time frame analysis at Here are the examples in the link below...
  2. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Forex Webinars: Trend Analysis for 28 Currency Pairs

    Forexearlywarning has two free webinars per week, the webinar room has live audio and video, all webinars are also recorded and archived. We conduct individual currency analysis, multiple time frame analysis, chart and trend reading, support and resistance levels, education topics, example...
  3. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Forex Indicators For Accurate Trend Analysis

    You can set up these exponential moving averages in under 30 minutes for the top 8 currencies and 28 pairs we follow every day. Always know the trend on all of the USD, EUR, JPY pairs etc. And have access to audible price alerts too. These are fully tested indicators for market analysis and...
  4. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Multiple Time Frame Analysis for Forex Traders

    This well written, illustrated article explains to traders how to conduct a multiple time frame analysis of any currency pair, individual currency, or the entire market across 28 pairs. It explains how to set up the basic trend indicators and exact procedures. It includes examples of how to...
  5. Alex P - AAA Trade

    Daily Technical Analysis from AAATrade

    AUD/USD Market Scenario 1: Long positions above 0.7230 with targets @ 0.7275 & 0.7299 Market Scenario 2: Short positions below 0.7230 with targets @ 0.7206 & 0.7161 Comment: Aussie during yesterday’s session broke through its recent high at 0.7250 against US Dollar and closed the day at...
  6. Mark Mc Donnell

    Today's JPY Strength/USD/JPY Sell Signal

    Today the JPY was strong on all pairs generating a sell signal on the USD/JPY. This pair could continue lower on the H4 time frame for one more day but the overall trend is up on the higher time frames. Trend based trading plans and live signal for 28 pairs at
  7. MasterForex Broker

    MasterForex Broker – Trend analysis of currency pairs and Comments (Updated daily)

    Hello Dear Traders, We are pleased to present you in this thread daily analytics of MasterForex Company. MasterForex analysts will offer you everyday reviews describing a currency pair's daily dynamics in several time frames, dynamics analysis based on several methods, explanation of...