1. Bulletproof Traders

    AUD/JPY - Downside trend is still in full swing

    AUD/JPY - Downside trend is still in full swing
  2. Bulletproof Traders

    Ethereum - Hold tight, upside trend has more to give

    Ethereum - Hold tight, upside trend has more to give
  3. TradeLikeAPro

    NFP this week will test the Dollar's year-long trend

    While the calendar's second half of the year started last Friday, it will probably not begin in the markets until the upcoming US jobs data is released this Friday. It is worth sorting out where the US currency currently stands on the forex market. The Dollar Index has climbed to a 20-year high...
  4. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Forex Trend Indicator Setup Guide

    Here are some simple trend indicators for conducting trend analysis of any pair, any currency or the entire forex market. These trend indicators are easy to set up across multiple time frames and can be used by any forex trader. These trend indicators are for Metatrader or most other forex...
  5. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Forex Webinars: Trend Analysis for 28 Currency Pairs

    Forexearlywarning has two free webinars per week, the webinar room has live audio and video, all webinars are also recorded and archived. We conduct individual currency analysis, multiple time frame analysis, chart and trend reading, support and resistance levels, education topics, example...
  6. Aleksey_Ivanov

    New Forex Stuff Multicurrency Trend Detector indicator

    The Multicurrency Trend Detector (MTD) indicator allows you to immediately and on one chart on a selected time interval (extending from a zero bar to a bar set in the settings by the value horizon) determine the presence, direction and strength of trends in all major currencies, as well as...
  7. S

    Services Offered Trading the trend with The Forex Trendy Software

    The forex industry is an enormous market with an average trading volume of over $5 trillion per day. Although not well regulated, the market has a lot of opportunities for investors that also comes with certain drawbacks. In recent times, the market has experienced an influx of scammers with...
  8. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Services Offered Trend Based Trading Plans, Live Signals, Free Mobile App

    Forexearlywarning provides trend based trading plans, live signals and multiple alert system for 8 currencies and 28 currency pairs. We trade with the larger trends and time frames of the forex market. For trade entries, we verify all trade entries using The Forex Heatmap®, our live currency...
  9. Raja Tawfeeq

    Stochastic trade following trend

    I found that Stochastic is my favourite indicator to enter position. however, i need another one indicator that can identify trend direction neither uptrend nor downtrend. Do you have any idea or knowledge would like to share on what is the best indicator (and setting probably) for us to...
  10. Pepen_supendi

    Forex article for educational purpose from HiWayFX

    Let’s get one thing straight, PARTIAL ARTICLES ARE NOT PERMITTED. Post it all or don't post any of it. The FPA does not permit "teaser" type items. If you are a representative of the company, please have someone write in from a company address to confirm it.
  11. Oedipean

    Correction entery

    I am working since 2004 in Forex market and I live from trading profits. I do not say I know much but I would like to share what I know. Trends take shape in different time frames. ( It is complex issue although it seems easy) Some of them happens in smaller time frame like 1 Min, 2 min or...