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    tune-forex is a scam!

    I am one of traders in tune-forex with account number 5972. I Sold Eur/Usd in two positions. First 0.02 lot at 1.3444 and second 0.01 lot at 1.3500. Last Friday, oct 7th 2011 Eur/Usd touched high at 1.3523 then moved down in next candle with high 1.3512. When eur/usd moved down (rally) my...
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    Tune Forex | Give your opinion about this broker conversation

    [03:49:40 p.m.] John Davies - Tune Forex: Hello [03:49:56 p.m.] John Davies - Tune Forex: This is John Davies from tune forex [03:50:00 p.m.] John Davies - Tune Forex: we have a proposal for you no other forex broker could give you such deal as you may already know 90% of people lose in the...
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