ufx bank

  1. A

    Resolved: UFX broker scam

    I have been scammed by UFX reliantco investment Ltd license 127/10 from cysec They intentionally did high risk deals and abused my account Now they threaten me if not deposited more money they will close my account The story started at21 aug 2019. I saw this ad on Facebook,I signed in just to...
  2. M

    scam UFX.com

    my name is jassim last month on 14th/sept/2018 i saw some advertisment with fake reviws on one web site about this componay and i registerd with them and after few hours some body call me from the company and advice me to open new account with small amount of money 450$ and he ask me many...
  3. danaalnasser

    Get scammed from ufx

    I am from Saudi Arabia, someone contact me from ufx company from the vip lounge he convince me to transfer money and he'll be responsible for the trading and loosing will be 5% maximum as he won't trade all the amount of money then I transferred 2666$ to them and they make contract with me as I...
  4. J

    Problem UFXBank withdrawal problem

    I opened an account at UFXBank last november. I funded the account using Credit Card as it was very convenient and fast. After several trades, i was profitable and decided to withdraw. After 3 weeks, withdrawal is still unprocessed. A certain Nigel from their financial department claims my...
  5. O

    Ufx Bank

    Dear sir, My name is Ousama Azmy Makar I would like to tell you that I have a very bad experience with UFX BANK . Three months ago someone who called Abdemanan from UFX BANK called me ,he show me what is opening a forex account with them is very beneficial through learning and variable...
  6. A

    scam confirmation of market movement at UFX

    I had been with UFX forext company about more than 2 months. They asked me to deposit as much money as possible. and the trainer pushed me to trade a lot. I told them i want to trade by myself but the trainer still called me many times and said he got the confirmation of gold and oil. just...