ufx markets

  1. B

    UFX Scam victims - Let's unite to destroy them

    Hi Everyone, I have been recently scammed by UFX through their account manager "Salma Hasan" who was pushing me continuously to deposit more and more till my total deposit reached $23,000. The moment I told her I want to close the account, she became very aggressive and forced me to open a huge...
  2. B

    UFX Withdrawal

    Hi, I was recently duped into signing up with UFX. I quickly realised that something wasn't quite right and requested to withdraw the funds I deposited before I started trading. UFX has asked me to send certain documents to proceed with the withdrawal. They've asked me to send a scan of my...
  3. R

    Resolved: UFX scam any help appreciated?

    Hi, I want to share my story about UFX and how they have ruined my life and want to avoid anyone else going through the same mistake. My trusts has gone with everyone and I can’t believe I was so naive to go with it. It all started in 13th April 2018, earlier this year, I lost someone dear to...
  4. E

    UFX Markets

    Hallo friends I m new to trading and to this forum. I opend a account whit 5000 us dollars in UFX I got 600 dollars in bonus. They told me that I should sign and send it back i did it. I the beginng they opend big trads whit first 1000 lost then 500 lost and they i tried some...
  5. K

    UFX steal my all profits, Stay Away from this company

    Hello Everyone, I have opened an account with this Company and they assigned me with $50 no deposit bonus after verifying my phone. The problem comes out when I made profits because an Agent Benjamin, called me and told me that I have to deposit $500 but I had only $100 in my skrill which I...
  6. O

    UFXmarkets Scam

    after dealing with this company and depositing almost 2500$, my account manager managed to give me succesfull trades and increase my account to over 3000$ but that only when i found the reviews & comments on their company and knowing that refuses to make any withdrawals, i told him if you want...
  7. L

    I have been scam by UFX Markets

    I have been contacted by UFX Markets in December 2013. They convinced me to invest in their forex. They were calling me everyday, even Sunday... What happens next it's just terrible! You guess that I have lost everything, all the money i put in! I have the deeply feeling that I have been...
  8. A

    Ufx markets scammed me too

    I am being Scammed by UFX markets too. I started my account with only $500, saying that I want to be safe and learn how to trade. But the account manager keep saying it is too small, you can't really trade and asked to top up to $2000 and we started trading and earn $70. Then, she again...
  9. A

    Emergency help !!! UFXmarkets.com

    Yesterday, I registered an account on UFXmarkets.com, they called me to convince me to put money in the account, and somehow I have deposited US$1000 in my UFXmarkets account, right after that they gave me $300 as bonus (They promise give me 30% bonus if I deposit money now). So my balance is...
  10. J

    UFXmarkets.com is a scam. Be alert

    1. I register ufxmarkets for the first time. 2 days later there was a call from their staff. Asking me i have any trading experiences. 2. I deposited $ 500 and incurred a loss of $400. I agree these were entirely my mistake but read through. 3. I was introduced to a broker aka Shane Arquette...
  11. I

    UFX Markets Scam

    I invested money with UFX Markets at the end of January and got an account manager Anthony Williams, he said he was going to advise me and help me make good profits. He started with small trades with a take profit of a $100 or $ 200 but with no stop loss which I should of noticed that something...
  12. M

    UFXmarket is Totally Unprofessional

    I have seen many people complaining they have been cheated or account manager not good etc. But from my personal experience I am saying . Never depend on account manager , you should know what you are doing ,and you should be the controlling your money . You can listen what they say ,but...
  13. K

    Scammed by UFX Markets

    I have been with UFX for about 5 months. Firstly I actually do currently have an open trading account with UFX. I have experienced some negative instances with my previous account manager which resulted in me making a complaint. I always judge a company on how complaints are dealt with. My...
  14. A

    UFX market Withdrawal issue

    UFX market Withdrawal issue Hi guys, I got an issue with UfX Market. I tried contacting my account managers as they always change "once I ask them to withdrawal money from my account" but no response. Or even if there was a response they would ask me for photo ID. I would like to get a...
  15. A

    UFX Market scam or not....My expereience

    Hi, I am a new member at UFX market.I got link from Facebook and joined on last week.First i deposited 200usd and selected mini account.I got a call from customer care support and they said if you are a beginner or experienced it is always better to start with 500 so you can get bonus of 150...
  16. F

    ufxmarkets scammed a friend with a sum of $ 1.000.000 !

    Hello All . ufxmarkets scammed a friend with a sum of 1000.000 $ do you know a way that can help us retrieve money back ? please advice Regards
  17. F

    UFX Markets withdrawal

    I have asked 3 times for access to withdrawal. Each time, they say they will but up to now no access. At the same time , after I have read all the threads I have sent a letter in Cyprus to close the account. Eventually, I have said I will stop all trades on account. As I am not zen now, I...
  18. ahmona46

    شركة UFXmarkets ارغموني على الدخول في صفقة لكي

    شركة UFXmarkets ارغموني على الدخول في صفقة لكي مرحبا اودعت مبلغ 500 دولار في حساب شركة UFXMarkets عن طريقة فيزا كارد بعد ما حاول معي موظف اسمه رؤوف عبدالرازق وتحايل معي لمدة 3 أيام إلى أن جعلني أودع المبلغ.بعد ذلك قرأت عن الشركة أنها خدعت الكثير من الأشخاص وسرقت أموالهم بطرق غير مباشرة ,وبعد...
  19. J

    UFX markets scammed me. I'm £6400 in debt... Please AVOID UFX markets

    Long story short. I am a very intelligent and smart person with a maths and financial mathematics degree and some trading experience. However, UFX markets managed to scam me. I would like to warn everyone out there..Please Please AVOID UFX markets or you'll be very sorry. They have the...
  20. R

    UFX Markets

    whit ufx reliantico inwestments I lost $24000 in two weeks.