1. J

    Problem UFXBank withdrawal problem

    I opened an account at UFXBank last november. I funded the account using Credit Card as it was very convenient and fast. After several trades, i was profitable and decided to withdraw. After 3 weeks, withdrawal is still unprocessed. A certain Nigel from their financial department claims my...
  2. povero

    ufxbank transfer my money to ufxmarket (both scam and destroy me)

    ufxbank.COM AND UFXMarkets.com Cheated me English I suffer from a real problem with this company ufxbank then ufxmarkets ufxbank make ​​me deposited more than 13500 thousand dollars and becuse of my account managers i lost it three years they change my account mangaer i deal with Rami...
  3. mimar sinan

    www.ufxbank.com Refuses my withdrawal request, no answer, no email replies.

    Hello everyone, good day it is, alot of pips on the market, alot of news, and everyones happy, I have been with ufxbank for a while, and everything was wrong from the very beginning , my account manager (I will disclose his name in my filed complain and his staff), registered my account name...
  4. G

    UFX Bank - Resolved

    I have been trying to get money back from this company since December 2011. I have filed 2 withdrawal requests forms and I am ignored. I have sent emails to my account manager with no response. What else can I do? Garth
  5. A

    UFX BANK still a scammers

    Hello I would like to tell you that on Thursday, 03/03/2011 I decided to close my account with this company, and of course that was not welcomed by my account manager who tried to stop me in various ways by convincing me to withdraw only a part of my account or open a final deal, so when I...
  6. A

    UFX Bank is a scam company

    UFX Bank is a Scam company. I agree to every word in Paul Barsha review. My story is as follow : I deposit 5000 usd after someone called me many times to open an account with them, and he told me that he can give advise and he can trade on my behalf to make profit, I trusted him and he added...
  7. S

    scam UFX Bank

    السلام عليكم Dear sir, On Wednesday, December 30, 2009 5:05:12 PM I have received an e-mail that join us and get bonus 100% up to $5000 And the followings: Expert in trading 24 hours, reliable brokerage support, professional business attitude Daily Market analysis and advices by...
  8. A

    Discuss UFX.com aka UFXMarkets.com aka UFXBank.com

    Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for UFX.com/UFXMarkets.com/UFXBank.com >> otherwise use this thread ("Post Reply" button below) to start a LIVE discussion and get responses from our FPA members. Scammed by UFX? Learn about how to take your issue to regulators and law...
  9. J

    UFX Bank delays sending my money

    Dear all, I have opened my account in October with UFX Bank. Since then my total deposit in my account is 21,500 USD and my profit is 6,000 USD. I never accepted any bonus offer from UFX Bank. few days ago UFX Bank servers went down for two days which made it impossible for me to view or...
  10. G

    Ufxbank scam alert group on facebook,myspace,twitter and co. - RESOLVED

    Is it possible to get other members who have or is currently undergoing the same thing,so that we can form a group on major social networking sites(facebook,twitter n co) alerting people of UFXBANK and other fraudulent firms??? So that other newbie could avoid going through the same thing in the...
  11. G

    Complain from ufx company

    Dear sirs I have a complain from ufx company, they intented to loose all my account of 230000$ inspite of my repetative emails to them worning from loosing the account but they told me do not worry if you have only one $ in the iquity (WE SUPERVISE YOUR ACCOUNT THROUGH OUR RISK MANAGEMENT TEAM)...