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  1. S

    Be aware Tickmil UK LTD commits FRAUDE (they falsify data! )

    Never trade with this company! As the Financial ombudsman has ruled in my favor, despite that Tickmill falsified (!) data, Tickmill refuses to comply with the Final Decision. (check FOS website Decisions database - They have been...
  2. Bollebeertje

    RESOLVED via FOS - ThinkMarkets STOLE €43,521.96! ThinkTwice Before You Trade With Them!!!

    ThinkMarkets a reputable broker within the FPA community stole €43,521.96 by acusing me of trading on internet delays and off market quotes. This is what happend... After comparing a few brokers by their trading conditions (spread, leverage, products) and reputation with the FPA, I decided to...
  3. S

    My Saxo Bank story: ~ 90.000$ loss after a blink

    The link for my story on Youtube:
  4. P

    FCA Ombudsman arguments in favor of the Brokers

    In addition to a previous created thread I start today this one to provide more details. Wanted to file a case in the traders court, but unfortunately the case is older than 9 months. But I spent many hours for preparing all information and still want to make it public. 2014-12-16 The Broker...