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  1. Bollebeertje

    RESOLVED via FOS - ThinkMarkets STOLE €43,521.96! ThinkTwice Before You Trade With Them!!!

    ThinkMarkets a reputable broker within the FPA community stole €43,521.96 by acusing me of trading on internet delays and off market quotes. This is what happend... After comparing a few brokers by their trading conditions (spread, leverage, products) and reputation with the FPA, I decided to...
  2. S

    My Saxo Bank story: ~ 90.000$ loss after a blink

    The link for my story on Youtube:
  3. P

    FCA Ombudsman arguments in favor of the Brokers

    In addition to a previous created thread I start today this one to provide more details. Wanted to file a case in the traders court, but unfortunately the case is older than 9 months. But I spent many hours for preparing all information and still want to make it public. 2014-12-16 The Broker...