umo fx

  1. D

    Umofx scam, eat my profit and my deposit!

    hello its about umofx,the scam broker i have deposit twice to my account, and i just made a little profit lets see my proof after that i made a withdrawal and its already 9 days, the status still pending and this is their terms please someone help me,i really need help, i need...
  2. Master Yoda

    UMOFX new warning on FPA

    May 17, 2015: UmoFx's website falsely claims that it is still registered with the NZ FDR. The FPA strongly recommends AGAINST doing business with UmoFx. If you have money with this broker, the FPA suggests you test your ability to withdraw your funds now. Umo FX | Forex Brokers Reviews |...
  3. vgasper

    Umo fx

    I opened account SEPT 2014. Since now I made over 10000 usd profit. I put withdrawal request on 14.4.2015 (8000) and 17.4.2015 (1000) USD. Since then no contact from them just LIVECHAT where they are saying to write emai to their support. I did that couple of times (