1. B

    Need some advice -Universal Brokerage FX

    Greetings I am a customer of Universal Brokerage FX. Since the crown forex sa bankruptcy came out been trying to contact Patrick Kiley of the company, and when i called would get a message saying no one is available right now. Visiting their website last night at Universal Brokerage FX...
  2. A

    Universal Brokerage FX - Startribune series of articles

    'Investors try to get their money back' Investors try to get their money back There are other articles under the picture of the gentleman from Texas trying to get his money back. I am truly sickened. I had called Pat Kiley a few times this year, and he never returned my calls.
  3. D

    Universal Brokerage FX minnisota

    I'm a newbie so pardon my lack of skill in this forum. I opened a managed forex account with Universal Brokerage FX (Pat Kiley) in Burnsville, Minn back in November. They only give quarterly statements with very little detail except bagin bal, end bal & earnings. No monthly activity. They...
  4. Pharaoh

    Trevor Cook and Patrick Kiley: Partners in Crime

    Trevor Cook and Patrick Kiley: Partners in Crime By Pharaoh It looks like Pat Kiley and Trevor Cook have finally pushed their luck too far. The SEC has charged them with raising about $190 million, lying to clients about segregated accounts (while putting money in accounts they own under...