unsubstantiated complaint

  1. tsathya

    UNSUPPORTED and CRAZY - Leverage not working at all in IC market https://www.icmarkets.com/en/

    this is thiagarajah sathienthira from chennai we had good experience in customer support by contacting ,quick response with IC market , but there leverage is not always working correct time , if need i can prove it , we already told that and asked refund of our loss amount 597 $ they did not...
  2. R


    I am writing to express my frustration over conditions of this broker. First, they are misleading people with no deposits to begin with and then further down the track asking for more money. People with no trading experience or have no time to learn trading but searching for ways for...
  3. Andreicha

    UNSUPPORTED CLAIM Grinta Invest is scam, cheat, trick and fraud

    MODERATION NOTE: When asked for evidence to back up any of the primary claims in this complaint, Andreicha ignored the request and presented more unsupported complaints. When given a deadline, he reacted by sending an uncivilized message to the forums administrator. Andreicha has now been...
  4. J


    AsstModerator Edit: I contacted jbrocker1953 by email. I let him know that the company representative had challenged him. I made it plain that he needed to post some kind of evidence to back up his claims. I also posted a request for evidence in this thread. He has not responded to the...
  5. renecreneux

    SPAM Against XTB (xt brokers)

    I studied this case very close to understand what are the scam mechanisms. It''s not really very complicated but however ingenious. The base of operations is based in Poland and consists in 2 appartaments. One appartament is "the market maker" and the other appartament is "the investments...
  6. E

    Unsubstantiated complaint - mercerfx issue

    Hello, I have recently requested a withdrawal from my account and at the time of withdrawal, my account was showing balance of about US$42500. I have waited for 2 weeks and the fund still has not been wire transferred into my local bank account. I sent them an email why I have not received...