unsupported complaint

  1. P

    UNSUPPORTED: Unreasonable confiscation of 2/3 profits by CWG Markets

    I have been doing trades with CWG Markets for past 1.5 years, since July 2020 with a deposit, and have made 2 successful partial withdrawals and also added 1 deposit to continue trading. There have been accumulated profits over the years, however, when I tried making a partial withdrawal in...
  2. K

    ABANDONED/UNSUPPORTED - Octafx is a big fraud,i copied a trader and my money was just removed,i found out that the trade was manipulated.

    Octafx is a big fraud,run away from them
  3. Elnashy

    UNSUPPORTED (probably a hired freelancer) - Fxcc Are Scammers.

    FXCC SCAMMED ME MY MONEY and never gave it back i asked if they had a licence they said yes but the VSF refused to have given the Fxcc the licence this people are scammers 100%
  4. eyvara

    Complaint involving hired multis - FXCC did not withdraw 38000 USD for 11 months and do not reply to any email

    I am happy to find you ..same thing happen to .. did you find any solution dear? please check your messages. can you please contact me. I need to hear about your experience. I am also scammed by FXCC.
  5. david098

    ABANDONED/UNSUPPORTED - OctaFX withdrawal problem

  6. Gio64

    Multis complaining: 4XCube scam my fund with ridicolous explanation

    I open an account on 4XCube broker and after regular verification, I fund the account with 500$. I trade on this account and reach profit with scalper Ea( Allowed from the broker ) for 3.450.84$, Get withdrawal for 2450$ without issue. Today receive a letter from the compliance said my account...
  7. AlanT135

    Abandoned/Unsupported - Liteforex is related to other brokers

    Administrator Note: AlanT135 did not respond to 2 private and 1 public invitation I sent asking him to present evidence. Based on his complete failure to provide any evidence, this thread is now being marked as Abandoned/Unsupported. The thread will now be closed and moved to the Resolved...
  8. Justice Trader

    ABANDONED / UNSUPPORTED Criminal behaviour and brainless untrained staff! - AxiTrader

    FPA Forums Team Note: This complaint is both abandoned and unsupported. No money was sent, so no money was owed. No evidence has been provided of any misuse of the identity documents sent. JusticeTrader has not responded for more than 2 weeks after one of AxiTrader's regulators posted. This...
  9. Justice Trader


    FPA Forums Team Note: This complaint is both abandoned and unsupported. No money was sent, so no money was owed. No evidence has been provided of any misuse of the identity documents sent. JusticeTrader has not responded for more than 2 weeks after again promising to submit evidence. This...
  10. P

    Myfxbook moderator (assistant fraud)

    Hello friends! I don't know what happened at the Myfxbook today my account was blocked and deleted just like that, for no reason. I registered and added my MT4 account for monitoring. The user who wrote in my topic, stayed on the forum, and writes on. I ask you to write here who faced the same...
  11. Wakes561

    Unsupported/Abandoned - XM rating needs to go down

    Hi, I would like for you guys to assist me in anyway possible,not the only one that had to overcome a loss. I recently started trading with xm whereby my account was managed by a mentor. I've tried to withdraw and that lead to my account being blocked and all my funds taken away..
  12. Piter Robinsson


    Hi friends! Three days ago I decided to buy a trading robot from this person with myfxbook @Afron myfxbook.com/members/Afron I paid a personal payment in PayPal $ 500 but I never got the adviser I paid for! Afron stopped responding to my letters and ignores my messages, I have all the...
  13. suleman_faisalabad

    UNSUPPORTED - justforex.com is a scame broker

    dont trade with just forex i make deposit two time and make profit they removed my profit and block my account but my deposit amount is refunded this is big big scamer when u make profit they will block u and if u face loss will be happy
  14. A

    Unsupported/Abandoned - Complaint regarding the financial regulator website financialcommission.org

    AsstModerator Note: This claim against the Financial Commission is unsupported and has been abandoned by the person who made it. I emailed Acertablet about this. My mail included a letter from the Financial Commission as well as a personal note from me. I asked him to return to this thread...
  15. N

    FALSE COMPLAINT - marco_mmbiz scam

    Hello! I invested a lot of money in this guy marco_mmbiz (myfxbook.com/members/marco_mmbiz), I was promised a profit and a guarantee of return in any case, I lost all my money, after that no one answers my letters, they blocked me. I do not know what to do. Help. SCAM...
  16. B

    ABANDONED and UNSUPPORTED - LongVision SCAM seller on Myfxbook

    Hello everybody! Beware of this guy https://www.myfxbook.com/members/LongVision I bought an adviser from him and it turned out to be fake! I have lost a lot of money! Help me!!! This guy sells a lot of fake advisers at low prices, after contacting him for a refund, he blocks the email and does...
  17. G

    ABANDONED and UNSUPPORTED - SCAM!!! catwan and Myfxbook group of scammers.

    SCAM!!! catwan and Myfxbook group of scammers. Today accidentally wrote a comment with one topic https://www.myfxbook.com/community/trading-systems/icm583/1984652,2 Five minutes later, a wall of negativity hit me from various Myfxbook accounts. During the day, I noticed that they raised the...
  18. O

    ABANDONED and UNSUPPORTED - johntrung123 SCAM ALERT !!! on Myfxbook

    Hello friends! Be careful with this scammer. Same Scam face accounts: (real name: VO TRUNG) https://www.myfxbook.com/members/johntrung123 https://www.myfxbook.com/members/johntrung https://www.myfxbook.com/members/krishanfx maybe others .... He is engaged in cheating people on the Myfxbook...
  19. M

    Abandoned/Unsupported - Afron SCAM

    Hi! New multy-named old SCAM user bestfxtools!!! New account MFB https://www.myfxbook.com/members/Afron OLD account MFB https://www.myfxbook.com/members/besttools Discussion https://www.myfxbook.com/community/trading-systems/ea-vra-v2/1389763,1
  20. A

    UNSUPPORTED CLAIM - Professional4X - Account Manager

    Hi traders! I want to tell my story about one long-standing member of the popular Myfxbook service. His name is (Professional4X https://www.myfxbook.com/members/Professional4X). His biography says that he never trades other people's accounts and does not take other people's money - this is a...