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  1. Scam Investigations Committee

    Green Tree Capital – Don't Gamble on This Scam

    Green Tree Capital – Don't Gamble on This Scam A lot of investors don't have time to manage their own money. That's why some of them hire professional account managers to trade forex for them. The biggest risks with an account manager is that he might treat trading as gambling or that he...
  2. S

    Greentree redemption problems

    after almost 3 weeks of calling to get a redemption, no one will take my call or give me assistance.
  3. T

    Beware of Green Tree Capital Investments

    All is NOT well with Green Tree! My issues with Green Tree have been NOT resolved. I did in fact get a portion of my account out -- $10k out of ~$25k, but that was only after they told me to create positive posts here at FPA and UNDO previous negative posts. The first of February this year...