1. syamfx2020

    USDJPY hits 144 ahead of US CPI but reversal seems imminent

    USD to JPY price was trading at 144 on Thursday morning ahead of the upcoming US inflation data. The Japanese Yen remained under pressure against the US dollar throughout this week weighed down by the mixed comments from the FED policymakers and triggering a steady recovery in the US Dollar. The...
  2. syamfx2020

    EURJPY: Double Top pushing the price lower

    This past week, the EURJPY regained strong upside momentum again and surged more than 300 pips. However, the pair has failed to close above the June peak of 158 on the second attempt forming a double top. Since the start of this week, the currency pair experienced a pullback after the Euro...
  3. pezz55

    USDJPY set up ideas and trades

    USDJPY TGIF set up Looking at this possible set up for London open tomorrow or New York session. This pair reacted nicely last week and dropped back down after taking the relative equal high, this time i am looking for it to push up and seek the liquidity from the external range above last...
  4. F

    Long USDJPY Trade Setup

    The daily is turning up against the 3/09/2020 lows at 101.19. The 4 hour is turning down against 109.85. While below 108.16 the pair can see a swing lower toward 104.28 to correct the cycle up from the 3/09/2020 lows. LONG USDJPY @107.20-05 TP: 107.70 SL: 106.80 good luck !
  5. fullertonmarkets

    Markets Are Sending Different Signals on Recovery

    When bond traders are questioning the strength of economy recovery, does this mean that USD/JPY tend to weaken? Stocks and bonds traders now lay out the different outlooks on the upcoming recovery, setting the tone for the Forex market that prices could continue to range in coming weeks. The...
  6. fullertonmarkets

    Global Coronavirus Cases Hit 10 Million Before the US Jobs Report is Released

    Market sentiment turns fragile once again amid fears of a second virus wave, sell risk assets at this point? Now investors are dealing with another problem: the resurgence in coronavirus cases. The US accounts for more than 25% of the just over 10 million cases worldwide, according to data...
  7. fullertonmarkets

    Traders Are Focusing More on Stimulus, Less on Virus

    As long as central banks’ stimulus works, buying stocks when they drop is always a good strategy. From a high enough vantage point, this year’s move from boom to bust to boom looks much like a normal market response to an outside shock, only far faster. But upon closer examination, it becomes...
  8. fullertonmarkets

    Risk Assets’ Sentiment Enters into a Cautious Stage

    The progress of the economy reopening continues to weigh on risk assets, short USD/JPY this week? Risk assets could be caught in a tug-of-war in the week ahead, as investors weigh the potential positives of a reopening economy against the worry that coronavirus may continue to spread. Many...
  9. fullertonmarkets

    Fed May Offer Dollar A Boost This Week

    With the market expecting Fed to act slightly neutral, dollar could rise higher this week. Besides strong performance in the US stock market, the Fed may find another four reasons that refrain them from leashing further easing measures for now, which could offer dollar some boost this week...
  10. fullertonmarkets

    US Unemployment May Approach 20%

    Market will start to evaluate the progress of the economy reopening, which may offer some bids to risk assets, long USD/JPY this week? The big rotation into cyclical stocks, like banks, small caps and airlines, took a break Friday, but it could be a theme that dominates trading again in the...
  11. fullertonmarkets

    Vaccine Hopes Offer Opportunities to Sell Risk Assets at Better Price

    The past weeks showed that hopes on vaccine offer great opportunities to sell USD/JPY and buy gold. Risk assets traded higher early Tuesday morning to begin a holiday-shortened week, as optimism about a potential coronavirus vaccine built. However, our experience in the past weeks shows that...
  12. fullertonmarkets

    Bumpy Recovery Outlook Could Limit Gains in Risk Assets

    Fed chair expects a bumpy recovery ahead, long gold and short USD/JPY? Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the US economy will eventually recover from the coronavirus pandemic, but the process could stretch until the end of next year and it depends on the delivery of a vaccine...
  13. fullertonmarkets

    Why do Risk Assets Ignore the Poor Economic Data?

    As the Fed has made it clear that it was willing to step in to buoy the economy, why bet against the market when the central bank is willing to do that? It’s time to buy gold and stocks when massive liquidity is flooding into the market. The disconnection between economy and the stock markets...
  14. fullertonmarkets

    Investors Shouldn't Ignore NFP This Week

    This Friday’s payroll data could be the ugliest one in decades, short USD/JPY? April’s employment report, to be released this Friday, will almost certainly show that the coronavirus pandemic inflicted the largest one-month blow to the US labour market on record. We forecast the new report...
  15. fullertonmarkets

    For the First Time in Decades – Fed’s QE Jitters Investors

    Market sees no short-term solution to combat the virus, short USD/JPY at peak US equity futures slid, and bonds rallied after the Federal Reserve slashed its benchmark interest rate to near zero, a sign that investors remain worried that the coronavirus will fuel a recession even with...
  16. DailyForexAnalysis

    USDJPY Daily Technical Analysis

    USDJPY might start an uptrend soon... 500+ pips up
  17. IvanGlobalPrime

    Global Prime: Volume, Correlations, Technicals

    EUR/USD Setting Up for a Rotational Day, 1.1570 & 1.1630 Extremes to Exploit VOLUMES & CORRELATIONS (H4) The first test of a macro resistance exhibited bearish dynamics to reverse a 3-day long bounce, and while the rejection was quite commanding for the interest of sellers, buyers were lined...
  18. IvanGlobalPrime

    Global Prime: Institutional-Level CoT Weekly Analysis

    My name is Ivan Delgado, Head of Market Research at Global Prime and FX Trader. Out of my unconditional alignment to the values at Global Prime, I am on a mission to pass on my decade-long knowledge by providing regular market commentary and other types of material that is applicable, actionable...
  19. forexcycle

    USDJPY continued its upside movement from 111.65

    USDJPY continued its upside movement from 111.65 and the rise extended to as high as 114.45. As long as the price is above the rising trend line on the 4-hour chart, the uptrend could be expected to resume, and further rise towards 115.50 is still possible. Near term resistance is at 114.45...
  20. forexcycle

    USDJPY extended its downside movement to 111.68

    USDJPY extended its downside movement from 113.43 to as low as 111.68. Deeper decline to test 111.47 key support is still possible. As long as this level holds, the fall could be treated as consolidation of the uptrend from 107.31 and another rise towards 115.50 is still possible after the...