1. D

    I have been scammed USD140k by USGfx

    I am an elderly, my wife is dying from cancer, I need money urgently. I have been asking USGfx for my USD140k since November but till date they don't give me a single cent despite my mulitple cries for help. I want to invite the company here to respond to me because I never get to talk to real...
  2. I

    USGFX Global not processing withdrawals anymore? #2

    Again, I am focred to fight for my money. This company makes me feel so tired. I had been waiting for my last withdrawal for 3 months. Now I decided to withdraw the full balance and again, I am waiting for over 1 month for it. No activity so far from the company since then. USGFX, do I really...
  3. I

    Resolved: USGFX Global not processing withdrawals anymore?

    Im waiting for my withdrawal for over 3 months, They use the same generic excuse since the beginning: I am done with accepting this stupid generic answer. I encourage all traders in the same situation to gather here under my post with their stories so we can take a group action against therm...
  4. T


    This company USGFX are very difficult to deal with BE Very careful dealing with this company Iam unsure but I would suggest it just a scam BE Careful do not deposit funds into their accounts
  5. S

    Scammed by usgfx

    This will be a long thread and i will update it with new info soon. I tried to post this fast as a warning to other traders who use usgfx. I am a mass managed account owner on usgfx and so far i got margin called by their "profit sharing". Each month on 10th, 30% of the profit needs to be...
  6. F SCAM

    Hello, i traded on USGFX over 1 year and made over 138000$ profit. After that i received this email: Dear Client, Thank you for choosing USG! I am writing to advise you that we have been notified by our hedge counter party with the notice: They will not be continuing to hedge your...
  7. forexengines

    USGFX cheated client 26 Dec 2016 via widened spreads. Need help recovering loss, moving account.

    Case Summary: Our company renders professional Forex autotrading service to a chinese client which currently maintains a trading account with USGFX. Our robots started trading client's US$10k account on 19th Dec 2016. By the morning of 26th Dec 2016 we observed a suspicious, unbelievably wide...