1. C Benjamins

    UT Markets Withdrawal Problem

    Hey Guys, I am stuck in UTMarkets withdrawal mess right now. I made an investment with UT on the 18th of May 2016, after 2 months plus I decided to withdraw $2500 after I've made some profit and I got a confirmation emailed to my email. But till today that withdrawal request has not been...
  2. M

    Utmarkets frozen withdrawls!

    utmarkets.com 11.08.2016 Send an email to clients, no withdrawals can be made for 3-4 month from now! I closed my account 6 days before the announcnent, but it was ignored. And my acc is still trading!!
  3. Marcelo Rosa

    FxExpert in Bulgaria, has anyone hard about it?

    Dear Members, another company came to my hands, the name is FXExpert, apparently it's in Bulgaria, but I can't find the website, if anyone can give more information about it, please post here. What I know by now is that some UT Markets (that's also in Bulgaria) investors were contacted by this...
  4. B

    Ponzi Scheme Did anyone hear of UTMarkets forex broker in London?

    Did anyone hear about a forex broker called UTMarkets in the UK?