1. PhoenixAdvisorsLtd

    Information about multiple brokers

    Dear Sirs and Madams, In this article we would like to mention multiple brokers which have ongoing Prosecutor’s investigation against them. Our company is currently representing clients in these ongoing investigations by one of the Prosecutor’s Offices in Poland against these particular...
  2. A

    uTrader/ day dream investments ltd/ Nick Davis

    This is a long read but just so people don't fall in to the same trap. Spoke to Alex baker and Kay towards end of 2017 found these guys on instagram and snapchat promoting the money they were making and it looked like easy money. I then created an account on uTrader on 03/01/2018, i don't know...
  3. P


    Hi I have had the misfortune of been scammed by Utrader I had originally dealt with a guy Mike Johnson he proceeded to lose 2k of my investment in 4 trades a few weeks later he called me and asked me to allow him to replace the 2k and trade. The trades went better but I had a tip from another...