1. R

    Full Truth about InstaForex and UWCFX from traders

    My friend told this to me! There is such a Russian guy the CEO of the following companies: Forex | Online Forex Trading | Currency Trading | Forex Broker, Forex Trading, Online Forex, FX Trading, Best Forex Broker, UWCFX, www.uwcbank.com, Money sending services, international debit card, send...
  2. T

    UWC United World Capital - Scam Alert -

    Dear Traders, This is my experience with United World Capital. Even they are regulated and tell they tell that accept all Scalping EAS, and Scalping and NDD this is not true at all. Last month i have opened an account with them, everything was good, i was making very good money, just for...
  3. M

    UWC cut my bonus*2 without any warning !!!

    UWC cut my bonus * 2 !!! I lost $40 from my trading account because of changing the rules by UWC !!! This is the email I got from UWC: "Hello , dear Ion Manda According to New Credit Policy http://www.uwcfx.com/downloads/trading_credit_policy.pdf your credit bonus has been deducted from your...
  4. K

    UWC Theft My Money from Affiliate Account

    hello Everyone I M a affiliate with UWC On last friday (8-4-2011) There was over 110$ in my affiliate account but on Monday(11-4-2011) they cut money from my affiliate account and there was only 30$ in that account :unhappy: they are scamming their affiliate They scammed me about +80$ from my...
  5. seufutturo


    UWC My name Samuel, open an account at UWC, and I made a small deposit via alerpay and never credited to my account, tried chat support, email ... but do not respond and stole my money
  6. F

    Scam Of Uwc United World Capital

    hello my name is fahad and i also loss my 250 $ in the united capital scam the profit which i got the trade suddently disapper.and the profit was deducted from my equity. i have nothing to show u or prof u but i request from higer authorites to watch the activity of this of the following broker