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    Forexoma, Where Is The Money You Took From Traders?

    Forexoma Where Is The Money You Took From Traders? Forexoma didn't start out as a forex broker. It was a forex education, signals, and trading systems site owned by Vahid Chaychi. I got to know Vahid by email. He seemed like a nice guy, but he'd get very upset any time someone...
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    Forexoma fraud

    Haven't traded in a long time so today I thought I would close out my account at Forexoma. I guess I'm the last one to know about their shutdown. Is there anything developing in this case? Larry
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    GUILTY Case# 2013-103 | dafox vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: First, I have already had a thread in the scams section for one month: Anyways, I'll quote...
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    Forexoma brokerage not to be trusted

    Anyone reading this post please take into account that while Forexoma may seem like a great website full of useful information, their brokerage side of the forex business is NOT TO BE TRUSTED many people including myself have lost their deposits and any profits allocated to their respective...
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    I too have fallen victim to Now even their website is closed. Not looking good. Lost a grand. :(
  6. R

    Forexoma Cheater

    Iam planning to withdraw $850.00 from forexoma, I have sent more than 20 tickets but they have not replied can anyone suggest me how to collect that money please help me
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    Problem Forexoma will not return funds

    I just want to let anybody else considering Forexoma DO NOT DO IT They state that if you deposit a minimum of £500.00 you can have use of their robot FCAR and all the other services that they offer.If you are not satisfied with their offerings you can withdraw your funds no problem. I liked the...
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    Problem brokerage?

    Hi, First of all, there is a first negative review for forexoma posted this week on the broker review section. Well, I have also posted a review that is not showing yet. Waiting for moderation I assume. Anyways, I have quickly gathered all of the evidence that I possibly could related to...