1. Atli R

    VantageMarkets doesn't let me withdraw US$16.468.05.

    VantageMarkets doesn't let me withdraw US$16.468.05 I made a deposit of US$2,300, got a deposit bonus of $630. I placed two trades and made $16,468.05 of net profits. All my profits were removed by a "Cash Adjustment-PNL". I submitted two withdrawal requests that were rejected. The reason...
  2. F

    VantageFX loots user's accounts with poor excuses

    Hello everyone! I am writing this post in order to warn about VantageFX's activity. The company using the (poor) general excuses like "high risk trading" , " oversized positions overnight", "suspicious trading activity" , loots her users' accounts anytime that they have some profit. This is...
  3. Shadreck ( ASIC and CySec Regulation) stole 14088 euro from my mt5 account.

    Vantage markets disappear all my from profits (14088 euro) my mt5 account with the excuse " cash adjustment "I am sure am the first in the world who is a victim of such type of scam . I need to act to correctly to protect other traders. I can not stand this behavior anymore from scammers and...